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Hey there, I have made very small low poly forest asset pack here and I would love to hear some feedback. Please be as brutally honest as you can!

Looks really great! I think what you are missing is sound effects and better music

Hey dragonkie, the scope is pretty big. I want around 40 to 60 tiles which are not animated, 20 characters who have idle animation and more than 50 spells each with an animation. I am also willing to communicate and work with several artists, if one artist does not want to do all the work alone.

I am looking for someone who makes pixelart for my game. You should be interested in fantasy, you will have to do lots of spells, characaters and objects.  All of that is top down view.

You should be interested in spells and magic because you will also have to show creativity in them. 

The work is payed, but I can't offer too much. The tiles are mostly 16x16 and we can settle on a retainer in private. Like I said, I can pay, but it's not competitive with any real jobs.

can you also do the missing textures for a fence? I mean the middle pieces that you need when you are doing a fence longer than 2 long, like the one in the paranthesis:

 _ (_ ) _
|           |

I am new to and can't seem to find a method to contact you. My discord tag is divby0#9554, please write me there :)

Is it normal that the mages animations are only on a animationsheet and not in separate files? Game engines like Godot can not import animationsheets, but only single files. I had to manually chop up the file into 60 smaller files (32x32). If you are interested let me know and I will send them to you, it could be helpful for other people.

Looks reaaaaally sweet and hearthwarming. I am very eager to explore what I can make with this.