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Yay, new parts!

Not that i've reached the end of possibilities with the current parts: The Galactic Line - two more ships

Also The Long Lucy

and the first Space Monster

Galactic Line Construction Kit - My first three Ships

Good to hear. And yes the framerate here is really really bad. I downloaded an external FPS-Monitor and checked again: On "Fantastic" at 1280X800 i get 4 FPS maximum.

So i turned resolution and quality down until i got stable 30+ FPS (at 512 x 384 px, windowed Quality: Fastest i get 39 FPS) and tested again:

The mouse-movement related issued have totaly vanished. Ship and camera turn just fine.

The "Nervousness" of the flaps and maneuvering thrusters is gone.

But i still can't stop. I continue to move on with 0.1 m/s at full-stop.

Some pictures here

i just played the demo.
Here is some feedback on the problems i had with it. Please treat it as an handling-report, not as critique. I know it's a tech-demo, and the system i'm playing it on is far from beeing a gaming-pc.

It runs good on my old laptop (Core2Duo with built-in grafics) in 1280x800 up to "Beautiful", in "Fantastic" it starts to stutter a bit.
(While having the browser on as well, sometimes the foreground-objects[e.g. the ship i was steering] were rendered in low-quality for a while.)

The mouse-sensitivity for turning the ship is way to high for me. I had to turn the system-wide mouse-speed all the way down to steer it precise enough to hit one of the moons; with "normal" mouse-settings, moving the mouse about 3-4 mm turns the ship around 360 degrees, if i play Fullscreen on "Beautiful"; on "Fast" it's about 7-8 mm for a 360. In windowed-mode it is about 2-3 times better/slower.

The mouse-sensitivity for moving the camera is, on the other hand, is to slow. On Fullscreen "Beautiful" with "normal" mouse-settings, i had to move the mouse 140 cm [1400 mm] for a 360 turn.

Most of the time, i could not bring any ship to a stop. After the initial acceleration, putting the target-speed back to 0 would not stop the ship. It continued to move on with 0.1 m/s using it's maneuvering thrusters. Eventually this used up all the energy and filled the bottom half of my screen with notifications. But on random occasions, the ship would stop properly.

And it seems, on my pc, all the ship-components seem to work more "nervous" than they do in your demo-video. The flaps open and close more often and the maneuvering thrusters are firing in all directions when flying in a straight line.

I don't know, if these issues are relevant at this early state of development (or at all), but i thought i'd better mention them, just in case.
Anyway, a nice demo. And i like the general game-idea. Good Luck!

P.S. i made some screenshoots showing the different quality-modes and some of the unstoppable ships: here