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am i the baddie? is a fun, fast, online multiplayer game.  It's best with 3-5 players.

Play it here:

One of you is the baddie, trying to scoop up the scattered clues.  Everybody else is racing to catch the baddie.  The only catch is that the baddie is invisible.  At least, most of the time.  

It's been described as a cross between Pac-Man and Among Us.  It's deliberately family-friendly, suitable for all ages, and fun for everybody from kids to grown-ups.


  • A game lasts about a minute.  Each game, a randomly-selected player is the baddie.    
  • The baddie needs to pick up the clues left scattered around the town.  The baddie is invisible... most of the time.  But each time they pick up one of these clues, they are revealed momentarily to everybody.   
  • Everybody else has to catch the baddie, before all the clues are gone... if they can.  It's a lot of fun to coordinate moves to corner the baddie, while the baddie does their best to sneak out of every situation.   
  • There are four themes: grassy, night-time, desert, and snow.  There are three maps.  And a virtually infinite number of layouts.  We especially love the night-time, with glowing windows and working chimneys in the cozy town.

The game is completely free, with no ads, tracking, or purchases.  Please enjoy!

Detective Town is a quick, fun game for those spare moments when you really just want to solve a crime and then get back to real life. A crime occurs. Dodge the locals, collect the clues, reveal the baddie, catch the baddie. Then do it all again!

Cute towns, zippy action, teleportation via house doors, and good times await! There's also increasing difficulty if you solve each case perfectly by not getting bumped. 

Shhh! Don't tell anybody else, but you can draw your own levels too!