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Will there be English translation in the future?

Anyone know how to get the CG of Max kissing the MC on the forehead?

Andriod or MacOS version?

Arcane shop community · Created a new topic MacOS

Will there be a build for MacOS?

Will there be a MacOS version? 

Wang, forgot to mention the discord server, but once he wakes up he’ll make a post about it. But, for now here’s a temporary link:

Wang, forgot to mention the discord server, but once he wakes up he’ll make a post about it. But, for now here’s a temporary link:

Will there be a MacOS version in the future?

Will there any in the future?


Can't wait for the release :)

Ngl Ray's pose had me DYING 

Mac version?

can’t wait to play!

The third character have me laughing LOL sabotaging me on this awesome update lol. Yeah I'll probably get it check out and also amazing update :D 

I just wanted to say when you updated the game it didn't show on my feed page so idk if it's a me issue or smth else

¿Sabes cuándo recibirás una traducción al inglés?

People complain too much on everything. If you want to use AI for background then so be it. You just can't compare different VN's to other VN's because all VN's will be different and the stories the author create is unique in its own way.  Personally I enjoyed Chapter 1 Part 1 and I can't wait for Chapter 1 Part 2! Can't wait for the story to unfold overtime and the lovely romance to accompany with it. :) 

Loved the update after awhile from Hiatus. Keep up the great work!

It brings us to 0.1 files still

Do you mind telling me how to get other spells beside strength spell?

Oh yeah I seen it nvm

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Is it currently possible to visit the angry shark house/place?

Tried it but it didn't do anything

Take your time 

I can't believe I fell for it :sob:

Good to know!

DOG X BLOODS community · Created a new topic MacOS

Is it possible to have a version for MacOS or different devices such as androids? 

Very great for the first build I can't wait for more! I'm also learning digital art : D 

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Will there be any romance/routes in future updates?

那么它最终会被完全翻译吗? 因为英文版在某一点就截断了。


Love the game so far I can't wait for future updates! If I may ask, what does corruption do in the game? I know in the description when you had a choice to increase your corruption to 10, I don't know the differences if it impacts any fights or so. 

Guess it worked out at the end lol

Ohhhhh, good to know I thought that was the fast forward button 

Was the NSFW CG the bloody part?