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Very great for the first build I can't wait for more! I'm also learning digital art : D 

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Will there be any romance/routes in future updates?

What's the difficulty option for?

那么它最终会被完全翻译吗? 因为英文版在某一点就截断了。


Love the game so far I can't wait for future updates! If I may ask, what does corruption do in the game? I know in the description when you had a choice to increase your corruption to 10, I don't know the differences if it impacts any fights or so. 

Guess it worked out at the end lol

Ohhhhh, good to know I thought that was the fast forward button 

Was the NSFW CG the bloody part? 

Just to make sure this is the skip button, correct?

If you do find the issue be sure to let me know. Also loving the chapters of the story!

Yeah I checked the unseen text, but it still doesn't work


Skip button doesn't work

會有 MacOS 版本嗎? 我知道已經有一個窗口版本,什麼類型的內容會從遊戲的英文版本中刪除? 因為很遺憾我是中國人,搬到美國後我什至無法閱讀它們:c

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估計什麼時候會有英文版? 我認為這款遊戲非常有前途,我喜歡一個好故事!

Also I'm enjoying the the game so far! I can't wait for more!

I'd assuming the routes are the six characters in the page cover, correct?

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Was the alluring lust skill suppose to be available? Nevermind I had to equip it lol

Thanks for the quick reply, didn't expect it to be this fast o.o

How do you get Kobold number?

Chapter 1 is already translated you just got to change it to English 

I see

It might be just me but I haven't notice anything "odd"

Discovered this game and I'm loving it! 

MacOS doesn't work!


Happened to me as well, but me and WaterWang are testing it to get it fixed. They aren't feeling well atm but will fix the issues whenever they can.

We love him

I also agree! :pray:

You should create an Update Log! It would be much easier to know what is new and etc.

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The PC version seems fine. I'm not sure if Unity requires a different app to open the game.  As Ren'py engine works fine if used. If you have discord It could be better communication. 

MacOS is still an issue.

I also saw some errors in the VN, if you need help proofreading just ask me!

^ This goes for PC version as well. It would be nice if the files are in ZIP instead of RAR because some people don't have apps to open them up with!

MacOS doesn't work, you might need to fix it.  

Love the game so far! I can't wait for more and for as the story develops and getting to the lovely romance part! Keep up the good work :)

Great game! I hope this story will continue

How's progress coming along? I hope you are doing fine :)