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Hi, sorry for this issue. Not sure what happened, but it should be fixed. It may have been due to Steam's API running in the game - but this has been disabled now

- Please try redownloading and try again

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :) Possibly in the future...

Thank you for playing! Loved the gameplay as always!

Thanks for playing! 

Very very very good! Instead of saying how amazing it is (because it really is), let me give you constructive feedback:

  • Cap FPS (mine was too high)
  • Ending to the demo was a bit lack luster (I managed to wiggle past and it just ended)
  • Pace out the days longer, went from 0-100 quickly (although I'm sure that will change in the release)

Other than that I'm super excited on seeing it released! Well done :)

Amazing! Will be using in a few of my games, I will (of course) credit you within the game's main credits! Thank you for making such a wonderful asset.

Sorry if it was too loud for you, there’s always a volume slider you can use to turn down the volume

Thanks for playing! Made me laugh! :)

Thank you for playing! Loved watching this video :)

Thank you! New games coming next month :)

That noise was intended don't worry, I thought it would make sense to the player, but I can see now that it might be confusing at first - looking forward to your upload!

Thank you for playing - I appreciate it! I'll work on a fix right now, sorry! Yes there's another secret ending :)

Thank you for playing! I really appreciate it :)

Play Here:

Play as Christopher, a kid left home alone with a terrifying STALKER on the loose! Try and survive in this 80's, PS1 inspired, Home Invasion Survival Horror game - OR DIE TRYING! Join Christopher on the most terrifying night of his life! Evade this unknown, terrifying intruder within your very home! Don't go in the dark too long though - otherwise you might just lose your HEAD! 

Use this fully interactive world to your advantage by hiding in the dark, searching hidden areas for clues whilst evading your deadly NIGHT STALKER!

Key Features:

  • Tense Stealth Mechanics
  • Multiple Endings
  • Terrifying AI
  • Horrifying Soundtrack
  • Experimental horror at it's finest!
  • Beautiful PS1 Inspired Visuals
  • Intriguing Lore
  • Lots of hidden secrets
  • Replayability
  • Up to 1 hour of Gameplay

Thanks for playing! The video was great man - keep it up

Thanks Garfield 😏

Hahaha great video :P

Hmm, strange! Have you extracted the file fully from the .ZIP/.RAR? That might be an issue. If not, try redownloading the latest release and I'll see if I can fix it :) Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks man really appreciate the feedback! Love the video's intro btw hahaha so cool :)

Not sure what you mean? You need to go to the water dispenser, press "E" to interact and use your mouse or arrow keys to select "YES", then a cup will appear to fill and you will automatically collect - then go to the door and you will be able to leave

Great video man - thanks for playing! Full release coming January :)

Working on the bug now, sorry about this :)

Thank you! 

Thanks for playing I loved the video! Also, the bugs you found were patched out a while ago which sucks! 

I've just tested it now and it works, have you tried going back into the settings and disabling/re-enabling it?

I remember watching your first video on this game hahaha - thanks for playing man! Can't wait to see you play the full release :)