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We completed the game several times before publishing it. If you have difficulties with the playthrough, you can watch the video on the game page

Thank you very much for your feedback ;D Yes, we should work on the balance

Thank you very much!

What do you mean? Were you not clear about any rules or maybe did you have controls problems?

A very fun game, but I would add a little more sounds and effects. Good job!

P.S. Could you please also rate our game, we need 1 more rating

A very creative idea. Unfortunately, the game did not fit into my screen resolution, but I was still able to enjoy it. Simple, fun and interesting - great job!

P.S. Could you please rate my game, we need 2 more ratings

The game is visually very pleasant. However, I ran into some bugs:

The location is loaded with a long delay

Monsters hit the walls

Bullets fly through the walls

But these are not serious bugs, in general I really liked the game.

P.S. I'm not comfortable asking this, but could you please rate my game, we need 2 ratings

The menu and the number of settings is amazing. Visually, the game is also extremely good. There was a strange situation - in the place where there were 2 soldiers, they killed me with almost 1 hit, although I tried to get around them. Great concept.

P.S. I'm not very pleased to ask about this, but could you please rate our game, we also need 2 more ratings

The game is confusing enough, but visually just great. Good job

Thank you very much for your feedback

Great and very addicting game! I really like it. Although I think it was worthwhile to make chaos also in the graphic component, for example, the diversity of the landscape, adding particles and shaking the screen

I see how hard you worked over the game, I had a lot of fun playing it. I only have 2 questions:

Why do sharks get out on dry land?

Camera ... To be honest, the lack of the ability to point the camera vertically makes the controls inconvenient. Or is it done on purpose to increase complexity?


An incredibly creative idea. The graphics are nice, the sounds are good. It takes a little time to get used to the controls, but in the end the game is very addicting

Simple and fun, I liked it. However, I would like to see more variety

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words about the game. Yes, the main disadvantage of this game is that it is unbalanced. After the gamejam, we are going to release an update for it.

I also played your game and I love it. I can say that it's incredibly polished

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your feedback

Thank you very much for your kind words. There is nothing better for a developer than to hear that his game is exciting and entertaining for the player.

Thank you very much for playing. The point is that you need to stand on the opposite side from the one where the arrow is pointing, otherwise the barrel will fly straight into your back

Thank you very much

A very curious platformer, very cute graphics and good sound. However, it seems to me that on the way of the dinosaur, you need to add more varied pathogens of chaos

I really liked this shooter, the visuals are very nice, but I think there are some elements that can add chaos, such as screen shake and dash, to be added here

Nice game, fits the theme, but the character slides a little, which makes the controls a bit awkward


Nice to hear that!

Have you completed the entire game? This is very commendable. I am very glad that you had a good time playing

Thanks for playing. Well, the game is slightly unbalanced, it's okay if you couldn't beat it

Thanks a lot. I'm happy to hear that you liked the game

Thank you very much

Bullet hell is perfect for this theme. And you did a great job. Usually I am annoyed by the mechanics that player's bullets cause damage to the player, but here it is implemented correctly and I got extremely positive emotions from the game. The game itself looks very juicy and stylish, audio is also awesome

Thank you very much. I glad you liked the game

I'm glad you liked the game. Thanks for the comments. Yes, the soldiers are actually much stronger than the player, we should have made them weaker

Thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, we agree that the opponents in the game are too strong. In the process of creating the game, we tried to make opponents smarter and more dangerous for player. Apparently, we overdid it. Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it

Wow, I'm impressed with the creativity of this game. The visual component is also top notch. I literally don't see any downsides in this game (Well, except that I didn't immediately understand what the chaos was)

Yes, this is a small problem. You need to get closer to them. Glad you liked the game

Yes, this is complete chaos. However, for some reason, my chickens didn't eat. They didn’t eat food from the ground and I wasn’t able to feed them. This game focuses on humor rather than gameplay, which is not very good, but nevertheless, it's cute

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I would like to see a little more functions. But what we have now is very good concept, that can be turned into quality and funny sandbox. By the way, is it possible to create a tower with at least 2 cubes?

An incredible amount of chaos. It's just an amazing game - fun, crazy, challenging, creative. The menu looks very professional, reminds me of old flash games

Very cute and interesting puzzle game. For some reason, this game reminded me of the Portal, I don't know why. The sounds in the game seemed very funny to me, they are perfectly matched. But I'm not sure about one thing - the topic. Puzzles are a fairly accurate genre of games, and each element plays a special role in it. I would even say that in some way such games are like chess, or like a clock. In general, in my opinion, puzzles are just the genre that does not allow chaos. What do you think about this? But, as I said, the game itself is beautiful and very well designed