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It is very hard for me to play your game because of G attack button. But graphics and sound are very good. Please, make custom controls (I want to use mouse for attack)

So, I can use it in my projects absolutely free, right?

Я сделаю это ;)

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Oooohhh, you can’t imagine how nice it is for me to see this gameplay  :D

Thank you very much :D

Thanks, but your game has 73 ratings and I have already rated it



Thank you very much for your constructive feedback, we will try to improve this game in the future

I will definitely listen to your opinion and try to correct the errors

Great game! Hard, but great and funny :)

Pretty fun, it can be a good clicker if you change the copy system of the game

This was the way :) On false platforms more often lay potions

A very good game! Your voice is very nice and a little funny. The graphics are good, but it seems to me that it is too simple. A very worthy game! :)

I am glad that you liked my visual style. It’s unfortunate that the game seemed annoying to you, not fun :(
However, disappearing platforms are the main lying mechanics of the game, and without them the game would not correspond to the topic. Do you think they should be removed from the game? It is unfortunate that because of it you did not complete the game until the end :(

I am very glad, that you liked it. I will check your game

Yes, my music is terrible. It can ruin my game. Thank you for your feedback! :)

Great, fun and colorful game! However, I would add more vegetables, as well as a health bar for the boss :)

1 more small remark

Please add a minimap. I still couldn't find the final boss, but I searched everything I could :(

Great visual style and game design. BUT controls are disgusting

Very cool and beautiful game. Although at first I didn't understand the mechanics

The game is very strange. But the sound effects are pretty awesome

After the game jam, we are going to improve the game and will definitely add a boss. So if you like it, then you can follow our game :)

The game looks very strange. There are no sounds in it. Management is inconvenient. Graphic is so-so. But overall the game is not bad

Thanks so much for your feedback :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Initially, after this there should be a battle with the boss, but we did not have time

Cool and very fun game! However, it seems to me that the game is a little unbalanced

Cool game. Everything looks and sounds very nice

Really cool and fun game. I have nothing to say

The game is awesome. I have nothing to complain about. At first, I did not understand where the lie was, but when I got to the last room ...
I don't believe you made this game in a week. It is perfect

Cool game, but the visual style looks boring. But, the exact hit on the theme

Cool game, cool graphics, smooth animation, awesome music. The only thing that I don’t understand is how the game is related to the theme

Good game! 

Couple of comments
1) Character physics so-so, uncomfortable jump
2) The graphics don't look very good, but don’t worry, there are worse games!

Very cool game! BUT 2 BIG NOTES

1) Cards sometimes just do not click, it is very annoying
2) At the very beginning, the player moves so slowly that it is almost impossible to dodge bullets

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I am pleasured to hear that. The team and I thought that without restarting, the game would be too easy and not so interesting

I hope you still overcome the restarting and win the game! The game has only 6 levels

A wonderful game. However, the style seems a little old-fashioned to me. The music is beautiful. Work on the game further! Good luck to you!

The game really doesn't fit the theme well. It’s a pity, because it can ruin your game. However, everything else is amazing!

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Very cool game! Not very hard, but not very easy. Great work! :)

Beautiful and very atmospheric platformer! A small note - sometimes a character jumps twice. I don’t know if this is game mechanics or just a bug, but it’s a little annoying

You should have uploaded a zip file, we are very sorry :(

Good game