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Construct 2 actually :)

Haha pretty fun.

Downloaded the ZIP but did not have a visible file for installing the game. Any directions I could follow?

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the the gameplay and feel! I ALWAYS strive to make my characters feel great! Thank you again!

Good job on your first game. Keep up the work and keep developing your skills. Check out my first game. Its a platformer.

Okay thank you friend! I will look into it for sure! Is it a website like itch? And do you run it?

Lil game I made with your pack. Enjoy.

I know. I know.

The graphics have been used before. I did not notice until half way through my project.

Please DO NOT let that stop you from playing. It is not the same game and you might just enjoy this tiny gem. Specially if you love classic plaformers. This one is SNES inspired.

Hey there. If I wanted more tilemaps, backgrounds and creatures for this graphics pack and I was willing to pay you would you be interested?

Hola amigo! I want to use your artwork but I was wondering if I altered the color hue of your work for certain parts of my game would it be okay with you?

(I would still be giving you FULL credit and NEVER claiming any of the art credit for myself) 

Please let me know!