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we believe that meat leg is currently in the perfect spot balance-wise

It was actually not apparent to me that my progress was saving at all or that there was a level select until I quit the game and reopened it to check that very thing. Not sure how that could be made more obvious or if I'm just silly

Yeah, that does tend to happen! Another option might be to have difficulty levels with different starting speeds and possible obstacles. I seem to remember some old infinite runners did things like this.

Nice graphics on this, everything looks great. I wish the difficulty ramped up a little more gradually though, e.g. by starting out with obstacles to jump over but no death pit, or maybe gradually increasing the scroll speed. As it was, I felt like I was dying too often to ever even get a feel for how the controls worked. Another option could be to provide some sort of training room where the player can get a feel for jumping and dashing.

Gave this a go today. Really well made, high level of polish! The graphics are simple but everything works together; the particle effects give it a nice bit of flash. I really like the detailed save and retry feature, and the medals are motivating to play for even though I'm not good at this type of game. The difficulty curve of the levels feels well-modulated and I like that damage taken is proportional to speed rather than the player simply having a fixed number of hits. 

Something that might be nice is if a player retries a level they just beat and dies, they could have a secondary option to advance to the next level instead of requiring them to clear the level again. I also feel the absence of sound effects; just a few well-chosen ones for thrust, taking hits, and exploding would really give the game a little more kick.

Overall you did a really good job with this.

releasing on Mac is a gigantic pain so I completely understand. whenever I fire up my old windows partition I'll try to give this a play

it looks really nice from the video! you should probably tag the uploaded file to indicate that it's a windows-only executable btw, I thought it might be cross-platform since there was no platform indicated (I'm on mac) but no such luck

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Just finished a short (~10 minutes or so) pseudo-RPG about a brave little dragon from the benighted depths of the Monster Maze, who must do battle against a terrible, all-powerful creature known only as the Protagonist for reasons no one quite understands. Featuring a demoscene and 90s-IDM-inspired soundtrack, as well as a lot of cute but doomed little monsters. It's a small game, but one I spent a lot of time polishing, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Check it out here:

Thanks for taking a look!

yikes dude! please drink a potion

he's overleveled

Thanks for the feedback! I never thought about the font potentially being an accessibility issue, I can look into providing some extra options in a future version.

I absolutely loved this game. I used to play something like this with pen and paper when I was bored at school, but this is such a great refinement and presentation of that idea! Love all the animations. Great work.

i really enjoy this! fun idea, love the upgrades, and the graphics are very cute

I really enjoyed this. The visual design and sound design are lovely. I especially like the way the "expansion"/DLC/whatever it is reuses the existing game world. I think a version of this with some music would be nice even though I respect the auditory minimalism.

that's the spirit!

Hey all. I've just released my first full-length game. It's a humorous, nonviolent adventure game that imagines a goofy children's-book fantasy RPG world where Boots are the only equipment that matters. It focuses on story, exploration, and environmental puzzle-solving; it's a bit like a point-and-click adventure but it feels nicer to control. And you can jump.

It's influenced by anti-RPGs like Space Funeral, slow-paced indie exploration games of yesteryear like Knytt, as well as more obvious touchstones like Dragon Quest, Earthbound, the Legend of Zelda and various LucasArts adventure titles of yore. I hope you'll like it.

Here's the trailer: 

Here's the game:

this is such a good idea