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this game has been a great comfort while recovering from surgery

the friendly smiling faces soothe my brain

thank you

The whole idea here is a lot of fun, and I understand the whole dropping for the next assignment thing. I just saw that it hadn't been updated since 2017 and thought I'd tell you I was having fun. I'm downloading the other game too, and looking forward to your future developments!

This is pretty great, honestly. I'd really like to see an update for the "in development" characters. Ways to cheat would be pretty great. Also click-and-drag so I don't automagically put the 3 of spades on the 2 of spades in the "clear" zone when I want to get the 2 of hearts off the far right pile.

My four-year-old loves this game.

Found the problem!

I'd installed it through the app.

I'm having trouble saving. I export the file, but then it's not in the folder, and I can't prod it to save into the folders I want it to save into to start. Then it can open the file, but I can't find it in the folder that it says it's saving into.

This felt a lot like my daily life.