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This is pretty great, honestly. I'd really like to see an update for the "in development" characters. Ways to cheat would be pretty great. Also click-and-drag so I don't automagically put the 3 of spades on the 2 of spades in the "clear" zone when I want to get the 2 of hearts off the far right pile.

Yeah, I was working on a drag and drop system, but had to go into crunch mode as this was originally a college assignment, and then development was dropped entirely after this demo so I could work on the next one for college. (That one is also up on here as Skhetch)

I'll definitely resume work on this some time, especially now that Part 5 is airing, and I'll keep you guys updated.

The whole idea here is a lot of fun, and I understand the whole dropping for the next assignment thing. I just saw that it hadn't been updated since 2017 and thought I'd tell you I was having fun. I'm downloading the other game too, and looking forward to your future developments!

Thank you very much <3 that gives me motivation in a time where game dev has escaped me entirely.

And nothing ever happened.

And I wonder...