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I really liked your game and its catchy music!

This one is an almost typical numbers game (as in Countdown!) bit with very limited numbers to work with:

Very pretty and a fun concept! Please keep working on it, I'd like to play he full game.

I want to thank the judges for their supportive feedback and especially their perseverance when testing the game. It's impressive anyone would give this game 20 chances to end differently. Although I'm surprised that killing crew members did not work here (as it does just as described for me), there a certainly some bugs that need fixing.
Great jam, though! I really enjoyed the challenge :)

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Thank you so much!
And you're right, at least I should explain the main action.

Thank you!

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Sorry, but ... how can move around or do .. anything? I'd really like to play this game, love the style. So far :)

Totally agree. I, too, would have needed a few hours more to not just throw all the content into my game but also get the pacing right. But even if reaching your initial goal of enemies is kind of hard work, just messing around with the parry and enjoying the scenery with this giant statue in the hill are absolutely worth it!

That's a nice concept! The spawnrate is a bit low in the beginning, it's more fun at level 2. I like that the enemies don't disappear and I was starting to think 'what have I done to these poor warriors?'

Thanks! I'm glad you liked them!