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A jam submission

Only The Stars Are WatchingView game page

Submission to the two week $102 Adventure Game Challenge
Submitted by DiscoTorso — 21 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Followed the Theme#1n/an/a
Is an Adventure Game#1n/an/a
Puzzle Design#62.6672.667

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Nice idea, good sound design and I liked the graphics which reminded me of 16-bit isometric RPG games.  There was a lot of wandering around with (apparently?) little to do which reduced the fun factor unfortunately.  Definitely has the basis of a really good game here though.

  • First off, the fact that esc just quits the game without warning is incredibly frustrating. I have accidentally quit a game in progress more times than I wish to count.

    In addition, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to any other ending other than the one that says "You didn't kill anybody" I have disabled one of the air supplies in the green house. No matter what I do after that, either getting in the hibernation chamber or my bed, it still says, I didn't kill anybody. I trust there are other endings, but I certainly can't figure out how to trigger them, and I have now played this game about 20 times trying, and that's about my limit.

    It is not clear in almost all cases what exactly you are trying to do, it's just trial and error. Like how would I know that getting into the green house would be where to go to kill people other than that's where I (eventually) figured out I could go and found the switches in there (which apparently do nothing as far as I can tell).

    However, all that said, there's a hint of a good game here just with some questionable execution. I like that you can talk to the people and they each have their own personalities. The choice of deciding who to kill is perfectly on theme and a great mechanic. The graphics are good, and the music is fitting enough even if it does get pretty old after playing the game 20 times in a row. Just wish I could figure out some way to successfully kill someone.

  • Though the puzzles were clever and in true point and click logical style, this game had unfortunate bugs that would crash the game or prevent a real ending. 

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I want to thank the judges for their supportive feedback and especially their perseverance when testing the game. It's impressive anyone would give this game 20 chances to end differently. Although I'm surprised that killing crew members did not work here (as it does just as described for me), there a certainly some bugs that need fixing.
Great jam, though! I really enjoyed the challenge :)