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Thanks a lot for the Unity update too! Cheers!


These are nice addtions. Will these updates arrive at the Unity Asset Store as well? I happen to have purchased them there.

Style is nice but yeah you have to be consistent with everything you release otherwise they're going to be unusable.

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A suggestion for another update would be to include 2 more sprites of the windmill (In a different state) so that it can be animated using the animated tiles in Unity, or as a standalone building (Depends on how people are using it).

Once again, truly amazing set! There are only a handful of artists like you in the asset stores! Thank you very much!

This set is truly amazing. Should we expect this update on the Unity Asset Store as well? I happened to have purchased it from there, and they don't make any updates during weekends.

That sounds very interesting!

No, i meant Unit Packs as in Animated Soldiers etc...

Hello, i have a question. Are you going to release Unit packs like PVGames?

That's awesome. Thanks a lot!

Amazing assets! Could you also add an icon for naval supplies if possible? Something like ropes & anchor perhaps. That would be extremely helpful to me. Thank you very much!

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This is very helpful. Thanks. And indeed, it's very easy to handle with the RPG tools software.

Oh, i see. His art is truly awesome indeed. Thanks for the update!

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Hi, i've been keeping track to the asset since it's very high quality. The artist is not very responsive and the updates are slow. So i'd suggest to use it only if it covers your needs in total. 

Other artists will be probably unable to produce the same kind of art to fill in any gaps you might have in your art and even if they do, they'll charge you a lot of money to do it. That's my 2 cents.


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That's great. Honestly I can't wait. Your assets are amazing! Do you by any chance have a rough ETA? They would fit perfectly in one of my projects!