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Love it! Would be cool if the match up chart was visible during battle, at least on the lower difficulties. 

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Nice idea, kinda hard to tell when you're damaging enemies though. 

Like the look and the idea a lot, but getting some kind of visual feedback when you hit an enemy would be a huge improvement. 

Smart use of the theme! Reminds me of the old Lost Vikings games. 

Love the aesthetic!

Great idea for a puzzle game. Like the water reflection effect!

Great idea! Love all the particle effects :D 

Incredible art and fun gameplay! The musical easter egg brought a big smile to my face! 

I liked it a lot once I got the hang of it! Love the simplicity of it.

I adore this project! I grew up playing PS1 UK demo discs and I've always dreamed of making something with that aesthetic. More than happy to have been beaten to the punch! All these games rule. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad I was able to help!

Without being able to replicate this crash, the only thing I can think that would cause it is the video clips that play in the How To Play screen. 

I've pushed an update (V1.1) that uses static images instead of videos in the hopes that solves the issue. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could give it a try and see if it still crashes on your system! 

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Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear that it's crashing like that! This never came up in testing; I'll have to take a closer look at what's going on when that menu opens. Thank you for sharing it, and I'm glad you're enjoying the game regardless! Panel de Pon was a big inspiration for this game, so I'm please that comes through in the finished product :D

Speak of the devil! The keys just arrived. You should be able to request them from the purchase page now. let me know if you have any trouble. 

Glad you like it! I'm in the process of adding Steam keys. They should be available within the next few days!

Thank you! I worked hard to make something fun :)

Cool idea! Nice and simple. 

I loved the look and feel of this game. I was planning on doing something similar for this jam, but I figured it'd be do ambitious to do in the time allotted. Clearly I need to aim higher :D 

Nice work with the  visuals; you really nailed vector game look! 

I like this entry  a lot! It's a really cool idea. I wish the game gave you a few more lives though, it gets a little tough with only 3. 

I like your use of mobile aspect ratio/controls! It's quite an enjoyable game that stands out a lot from the other Week 63 games I've seen.  I would say the difficulty seems to ramp up a little too harshly once you get close to 100 though. Still, cool game :) 

Great work with the art on this one; the chicken sprite is especially cute. The game itself is quite fun too! I found myself wishing there where more levels :D 

Wow, the level of polish on this is super impressive, even more so given that it's an 8 hour project! Great work. 

Playing this gave me chills! Love it.