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Hello! My name is Tyler Barber, based in Oakland, California, and I've been writing songs/soundscapes for 15+ years. I specialize in ambient, experimental, drone, dance and pop songwriting, but welcome a project in almost any genre. I like to emphasize the unconventional, to evoke a sense of surprise and curiosity within a listener. Bjork, Aphex Twin, Sigur Ros, Tim Hecker, John Maus and Radiohead are my biggest influences.

My songwriting oscillates from bittersweet melodies, to catchy pop-like tunes, to dark brooding existential dread dirges. If you're looking for something creative and perhaps genre-bending, I'd love to work with you.

I am a multi-instrumentalist and have a highly collaborative process. As a lifelong gamer and indie game developer myself, I understand the unique workflows and challenges to the specific media.  

Email me with any inquiries or questions. Looking forward to hearing from you:

My solo albums:

Music videos/live performances:

Art and soundtrack work on Brute:

The Blume Saloon podcast theme song:

Hello Danfer! Trying to find a contact for you, would love to produce music for any future projects! I neeeeed to make music for your games.

Love your projects. Hit me up if you're looking for music for any future projects. Can't find a good contact, so just trying this shot-in-the-dark!