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Hey, I checked the game out and it was pretty fun, I do think that there was waaay too much ammo and HP packs for the amount of zombies, but It's a good starter and with some refinement I think will be really cool.

Alright, so the game is fun, the music is a bit loud and it can be hard to find a weapon. But I enjoy the concept of this a lot, I think it could be really cool when fully fleshed out, with different layouts maybe and different options for weapons. Honestly, the game is interesting, the dancing to hide is fun and i like the art style a lot.

If you haven't picked up this game, it's incredibly adorable. It's impossible to be sad when playing it, except for the card game part, I need more practice for that my deck is terrible. But the game itself is really fun, the upgrades are useful AND adorable, the ship is fun to fly in. You get interesting monsters and enemies, you can shoot cupcakes, what more do you need?

I look forward to checking it out a bit later then!

It's an interesting game, i memed a bit but it is fun.

I was so lost for most of this lol but the monsters look really good and the sound design is really good too. You can tell where the enemies are about, from just the noise so that aspect worked amazingly. 

lol well i'm glad you enjoyed the video! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

I really love the retro vibe of it, I think it's perfectly captured an old gameboy color kind of game. I would say the only things I'd add or change would be a health bar for the skeleton and I didn't notice if I appeared on the map or not, but that'd be nice too.

I would like to say, I almost figured out the story without any hints from just the car and bike! I am proud of myself for that. It's a fun game though, I think the knife is a little OP cause damn it swings fast. But it's cool, the ending was a nice surprise I will admit.

That's really awesome! I didn't know that and It's really cool that they keep the old stuff going.

This was really cool, I didn't even know the MSX was still around and had such a resurgence until I saw this and looked into it. The game is really cool, very well made, has a great retro feel, i loved it.

This was indeed fun, I liked the weapons, I wish i knew more how the unique ammo worked, but it was enjoyable. The enemies were cool and I could see myself playing this for a while.

You think you have what it takes to deliver pizzas!? You think you can avoid dropping phat stacks on the ground!? Well good, because you gotta if you want to succeed. This is a fun game, I say that a lot and but genuinely enjoyed trying NOT to drop the pizzas, no matter how futile it was... for how short the game is, it provides a few good laughs and a really hard challenge...

No problem! I really cant wait for fashion police though lol

So I checked the game out and it's really fun, I like the visuals and i think for a short game it was pretty enjoyable. Not too difficult, still fun. I'm actually looking forward to your fashion police game as well, it looks amazing!

I did the thing

Never heard of it, what is it?

Alright so, this game is very interesting. You'd think, "How could they possibly make that old snake phone game a real game?" And the answer is, by having you eat people and try to escape a shockingly well trapped temple. The game provides a nice challenge and being a giant snake is fun.
I mean seriously.
Being a giant snake is fun.

I can see the potential for a fun game here

I really read that as hamburgers, i dont know why... humbuggers does make more sense. you got me

I always knew that santa was a timelord, I knew it.

I will appreciate it so much

if it just wasnt ZQSD...

Oh that's awesome! Glad to hear it and I'll have to check it out later!

We need more fart guns in games. It was fun, difficult and I think would be really interesting with more players.

Will it golf? community · Created a new topic Let's Gooo

I went a weird place with this, I don't know why... but it was a lot of fun. I'd like to see what other items you come up with to golf with.

It's... creepy, it's really creepy. I like the art-style and the idea behind it is very interesting. It'd be cool to see what a full game looks like, if i could manage to make it through without crapping my pants.

This is probably one of the weirdest and funny games i've played, I kept dying but I really enjoyed it for some reason lol

Alright! So a few things, I really like the concept of this, in fact, i'd love to see multiple levels,with various obstacles and some cool tricks you can do using the pipes. But I'd also really love something you can do with the coins, like a shop where you can buy little hats for your frog or different frogs. (that'd be pretty good incentive to get more coins i think)

It could also be fun as a multiplayer game, frogging around with friends. I think this has a lot of cool potential and I was sad that it ended.

Alright so, It's a pretty fun game, what I kind of like about it is making up my own stories to go along with the little prompts you have to use in game. It makes the game a lot of fun and you get a nice little jolt of creative energy out of it. This is a really neat game, I don't know why, but it reminds me of those old games we played in computer class, you know? Fun little call back to those times.

damn, i'm dumb.... XD

It took me a while to get to but I was finally able to record! I have to admit, i got stuck and have no idea how to get out of where I was, but the game was interesting. I think it was pretty fun so far and I'd love to see what else you can come up with. Though I will admit, the single circular view was a bit annoying and i'd like to be able to play in windowed mode.

Thanks for making such an awesome game!

Short, fun and interesting, I'd like more levels... AND TO BE ABLE TO WIN ; ;

it's adorable and fun! I had a good time playing it!

best of luck to you!