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I can see the potential for a fun game here

I really read that as hamburgers, i dont know why... humbuggers does make more sense. you got me

I always knew that santa was a timelord, I knew it.

I will appreciate it so much

if it just wasnt ZQSD...

Oh that's awesome! Glad to hear it and I'll have to check it out later!

We need more fart guns in games. It was fun, difficult and I think would be really interesting with more players.

Will it golf? community · Created a new topic Let's Gooo

I went a weird place with this, I don't know why... but it was a lot of fun. I'd like to see what other items you come up with to golf with.


I really liked it actually, very in depth and was really cool that you added that in. I don't think it was a feature that i would have expected to be added in weirdly, but I'm glad it's there. I mean, it means i have to spend more time cleaning because my little completionist soul is screaming, but I enjoy it. Makes me feel good inside.

The update brings some cool new stuff to the game, I like that the house is now 100% available to be washed and the new washer is awesome... plus i like that the windows are breakable XD

It's... creepy, it's really creepy. I like the art-style and the idea behind it is very interesting. It'd be cool to see what a full game looks like, if i could manage to make it through without crapping my pants.

I mean, it's a very simple game... but its really satisfying for some reason...

This is probably one of the weirdest and funny games i've played, I kept dying but I really enjoyed it for some reason lol

Alright! So a few things, I really like the concept of this, in fact, i'd love to see multiple levels,with various obstacles and some cool tricks you can do using the pipes. But I'd also really love something you can do with the coins, like a shop where you can buy little hats for your frog or different frogs. (that'd be pretty good incentive to get more coins i think)

It could also be fun as a multiplayer game, frogging around with friends. I think this has a lot of cool potential and I was sad that it ended.

Alright so, It's a pretty fun game, what I kind of like about it is making up my own stories to go along with the little prompts you have to use in game. It makes the game a lot of fun and you get a nice little jolt of creative energy out of it. This is a really neat game, I don't know why, but it reminds me of those old games we played in computer class, you know? Fun little call back to those times.

damn, i'm dumb.... XD

It took me a while to get to but I was finally able to record! I have to admit, i got stuck and have no idea how to get out of where I was, but the game was interesting. I think it was pretty fun so far and I'd love to see what else you can come up with. Though I will admit, the single circular view was a bit annoying and i'd like to be able to play in windowed mode.

Thanks for making such an awesome game!

Short, fun and interesting, I'd like more levels... AND TO BE ABLE TO WIN ; ;

it's adorable and fun! I had a good time playing it!

best of luck to you!

Before I was a failure who was unable to make it in life, but thanks to this game I can negotiate with the best of them. I've made it all the way to president ceo of sales incorporated. Thanks.

Fun, slightly frustrating, but hey, it's really enjoyable and a solid game. I like the concept of it, I liked playing it and I think the leaderboard is an awesome idea.

it's an interesting game, with more work I think it could turn into something really cool. It'd be a lot harder obviously, but seeing customized appearances would be awesome.

The game is REALLY hard, but its really fun. I think with just a bit more tweaking it could be a really fun rhythm game!

lt got really creepy and I kept getting lost and i'm so confused...

I had a lot of fun XD thank you for making it! 

I hope you enjoy! :D

It was really fun, I liked the simplicity of the game, even with just one button it still had a challenged to it.

This was really interesting, I like the faust vibes and though there's not really much too it, it's enjoyable. I liked it a lot!

I don't like that you lied to me about susan... or that I became a dog, but you know other than that. it was really fun and interesting.

Thank you for letting me bork!

I was dog. I did borks. I did skateboards. I licked umbrella.

I did it all baby.

I have no idea whats going on XD

I hope to see what you make!

oh that's awesome! glad you got the patch in!

XD how is!