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I really like the background music. It's simple and has the perfect tempo and feel for this game. Great job!

What is the purpose, then, of the numbers I see when I scroll over my character? They seem pointless and distracting. Maybe I'm just not understanding.


I played the demo all the way through and was fairly satisfied. I noticed a few bugs and possible improvements that I will list below. Hopefully they will be of help. 


  • After already collecting the water bucket and using it to put out the fire, when I went back to the sink and clicked on it again, I received water into my inventory (without a bucket).
  • When trying to leave the shed through the portal, I walked up to the portal then pressed Q to go into the other world. It wouldn't let me enter the portal unless I backed up, then walked into it again. Minor bug.
  • When I walked up to the "portal" in the attic, I was not in "other world" mode, so even though I couldn't see what was inside the portal, the "jump scare" sound played. I think you probably meant for it to play only when the player sees what is inside.


  • Make the ghost dude scarier and his hands more detailed and realistic. I wasn't very frightened when he popped out after I looked at the Merry-Go-Round.
  • Make the words on the paper that is pulled into the wall before the Merry-Go-Round appears  more readable. I struggled to read it and couldn't figure out what it said before it was taken away.

Overall, great demo! Keep it up!

Overall, a really fun game! The difficulty and need to focus on your position as well as the aiming your shots makes it really fun! I love how difficult the yellow unit's weapon makes the game. Great job on the AI!

Really fun game! I enjoy trying to quickly dash back and forth over the same enemies and I like how the number of consecutive dashes decreases as your health does. I don't, however, like that you have to scroll over your character to see your health. I think that you should add a health indicator to the GUI. Overall, well done!