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oh this is the all ages version

R18 version is here ↓

There is no problem with this point because the company has already announced the fraud to the outside.

However, I don't know the details because it's a problem in a department far away from me.

In any case, we are watching the trend to see what happens to the company that honestly confessed to the fraud.

For translation, we follow these steps:

1. First, I create sentences in Japanese and then use Google translation.

2. Next, re-translate the translated English into Japanese using Google Translate.

3, it will be translated wrong with high probability, so it will return to 1 until it is translated correctly.

I often hear that "Japanese people are not good at English", but this seems to be the same for the Google translation system.

This is because translating to Chinese or Malay from already translated into English is much easier than translating from Japanese to English.

Perhaps there is a problem with Japanese grammar or wording.

This is the ameblo I wrote before ↓

However, the above Ameblo has not been edited for many years, and now I occasionally edit the following pages.

His Twitter ID is @Din17485881.

Please take a look if you are interested.

Long time no see! how have you been?

As for the current situation, the place I work for is facing an existential crisis due to large-scale fraud, and I may not be able to afford to make games here in the future.

But so far it's been fine.

I was relieved that the game I was working on seemed to be running without any problems.

Because There are many things that you can't know if the game will work correctly when you run it on another computer unless you actually play it.

I also recognize that it would be better to make the job description more concise if it is difficult to understand.

In any case, it will be next year when all the paintings I ordered will be completed, so I plan to fix other minor points by then.

I think it's hard to write a reply every time, so I would be happy if I could get a letter somewhere again.

Thank you for your continued support! ! !














Thank you for downloading!

I see a lot of videos of horror games playing live using VOICEROID, so I made it as a hint.

I don't know how many games I can make in the future, but I'm glad if you enjoyed it! !! !!

Thank you for your comment.
Later this month, I heard that there will be another VOICEROID adult game festival, so I plan to make a little more this year.
When the time comes, I hope you can play it as well. 

It's been a long time, it looks fine and above all.
Thank you for contacting us.

I would like to write about this matter.
Until now, Windows Defender had falsely detected when the My EXE file was completed.
Each time I sent Microsoft false positives and files with screenshots to prove we innocence.
But this time, my Windows Defender still doesn't cause false positives.

As a result of repeated improvements to the existing programs, it seems that the similarity with the virus has decreased.
However, other virus detection software has different processing methods, so false positives occur.

Until now, I have been hoping that the false positives of Windows Defender will disappear.
But was a result, there are fewer ways to prove innocence.
It's ironic.

it can not be helped.
VirusTotal also says "VirusTotal is not responsible for the contents of your submission."
Also, I may not be able to continue my activities here for a long time.
Therefore, I am planning to release the game itself as it is so that only the image can be downloaded independently.
In the future, if a false positive occurs again due to an update of Windows Defender, I will display that fact.

The i recently posted "Kiritan VS Tentacle Monster" uses the old program as it is, so no false positives will occur here, so please enjoy it if you like. 

I am always grateful for your help!
It's been a long time, how are you?

At my country, the coronavirus has spread further, and vaccination has not progressed, but in other respects I am able to spend my time without major inconvenience.
I am relieved that the game seems to be working well.
I have already received the graphics to be used in the next area, so I would like to make that much by the end of this year.
Please take care of yourself and survive this year!



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After my holidays, my first week's work is over.
It's hard work, but I think it's good to feel that the rice is delicious and to be able to sleep immediately.

Comiket is crowded with people and requires a lot of time and money.

Perhaps it will decline from here onwards.
Because there are more things that can be done using the Internet.
We can now buy many works and save them to your hard disk.
Moreover, in this way, I can talk to you who live overseas.
It seems that we need to keep up with the changing times in this field as well and continue to live in the future.
However, I would like Comiket to continue even on a small scale.
Because I want a place where I can greet the artists I love.

For robot photos, a blog that I used more than 7 years ago came out.
In that blog, you can see a picture of when I was trying to make a robot.

I tried to do it by hand as much as possible, so it didn't work as I expected, but I was able to learn a lot.
I'm still working on controlling machines, but I've been using this technology more often at work.
Therefore, there are no articles that can be written here in order to protect corporate secrets, and it is now in a state of being neglected.
To be more honest, I was young when I was writing this article, so I rarely see it because it can be embarrassing to see it now ...
At the very least, there is no doubt that what i worked on at that time was useful.

I think you are busy.
I am ready to wait for months.
First of all, please do your best so that you can do a lot of work for you.
Your efforts will help you in the future.
When the internship is over, you get used to your work, and you can make a lot of your own time, I think it would be good to gain various experiences.

good luck!

During Golden Week, I was able to successfully make a game using the images I had in stock.
I am very grateful that some people have purchased it.
I will make it again after the image I am currently ordering is completed!

Certainly writing long sentences takes time for each other.
You and i may also be worried that the Google Translate engine is translating correctly.
In addition, this issue is important because I will be back to work the day after tomorrow.
So if you find it difficult to answer a topic in a comment, or if you want to end it, you can avoid writing about that topic in your reply.
If you need it, let's write about it again!

For side-scrolling games, I'm just working on something similar.
Although not used in this game, a prototype system similar to Rockman (MEGA MAN) is also incorporated in this game.
In other words, I'm thinking of using it in a new game.
Considering the balance between work, game production, and funding, I will continue to play other games for reference.

At Commitia, after greeting the illustrator, I bought some books and went home.
I really wanted to buy a lot, but many of them are sold for around 500 yen (≈ $ 4.1), so I had to give up buying them.
With so many, competition becomes fierce if you try to make a living from sales.
However, since it is a festival of people who gather without thinking about making a profit, I was surprised that there are so many people who really like to make manga.

Do you know not only KOTOKO but also Rita and Lisa!?
I didn't know anyone around me, but I'm impressed that there were people from overseas who could understand it!
When I was in my twenties, listening to that song, I was making a hobby robot at home.
It wasn't completed, but the skills I learned at that time are useful in my work.

By the way, as for me, tomorrow is the last holiday.
Let's take care of each other's health!

I was making a new work for several days.
Regarding false positives of malware, the false positives disappeared when I changed the way script commands were separated.
In other words,I didn't have to make any major changes, so it was completed earlier than I expected.
This was already sold in Japanese for a fee, so I also sold for the English version.
On the other hand, this bonus version is free, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

This time as well, I made it simple so that the content will end soon.
I used to play RPGs a lot when I was young.
However, I have less chance to play both strategy games and PPGs.
This is because the play time is often long, which interferes with the current job.
However, I like strategy games and RPGs, so I have a choice of games to make in the future.
Also, it was not a waste to play and play various games until now.
My current job is as an engineer, so the computer knowledge I learned at that time is useful.
Gradually my programming knowledge was used to control machines, and by the time I was thirty I stopped making games, but join the game jams here and i make games again.

It's good to have a lot of girlfriends!
It is important to learn how to love the opposite sex.
When I was young ...
When I was a teenager, I was in "Jehovah's Witnesses", and even after I left there, I played adult games and went to sex shops all the time, and I had few opportunities to come into contact with the opposite sex of the general.
Still, I had one girlfriend.
However, I broke up in half a year.
Because I didn't know how to love people.
So while it's strange for me to say this, it may be good not to spend a lot of money on adult games and videos.
Use your spare time to learn how to take good care of others.
… But I believe too I haven't lost my chance at all.
Let's keep up good work! !! !!

As for Comiket, there are a lot of people and it's far away, so I'm thinking of going if there are other people who can follow me.
I've been to the "Commitia" held at the same place twice.
I don't buy a lot of books because I don't have a lot of Bookshelf  in my house, but rather I went to say hello to the people who always draw pictures.
In other words, I only buy download versions of games and manga.
Because I don't have to make a Bookshelf  in my small house!

As for the Little Busters song, I remember being happy because the person who made the music was familiar with it.
I didn't go deep into that generation of adult games, but I occasionally bought and listened to the music used in the games.
I often saw a singer named KOTOKO.
From there, my hobbies and tastes have gradually changed, but I'll be making games here for a while!

Originally, I was thinking of making a work that can be used for anything other than arts that is 18+, so I think your idea is correct.
However, as I grew older, I realized that my enthusiasm for playing games diminished.
As i grow older, it becomes painful to learn new things.
And the motivation for me to play games is arts that is 18+.
If i compare my enthusiasm for playing games to a car, my enthusiasm has become a trailer driven by the tractor of "arts that is 18+".
And apparently this isn't just my problem, which is clear from the number of downloads of my game.
Originally, I posted some games "for all ages" here, but it took a year and the number of downloads was about 150.
On the other hand, when I posted a game over 18 years old, it exceeded this number in about a month, and it is still being downloaded now.
In other words, if you have art over the age of 18, i can get a lot of people to play the game.
Therefore, I try to keep the game itself and scenarios simple so that even elderly people can enjoy it,and I always want to keep improving the technology!

Moreover, you are still young.
It's good to learn more and enjoy more, before the end of what you can do have your enthusiasm period.
It's painful to try to learn when you're old.
If you can, you should try to have a girlfriend early on.
Even if you fail, you can learn.
I'm in a better position than most people, but I regret having come to this day without learning how to love others.
You still have a lot of chances for you, so I wish you good luck!

As for Comiket, I never went.
Because I spent too much time developing game programs.
However, it is not only bad things, but rather there are many situations that are useful at work.
Also, recently, you can register on the site that sells on the Internet, so it is selling little by little.
Compared to the production cost, this is not profitable at all, but it is one of the pleasures to know the number of people who will pay for it.

Little Busters, I also bought only the CD.
I didn't play the game, but I bought it because I felt the song was great.
On the other hand, the reason I learned about the song was because it was a MAD movie made by someone else, so I was worried about the copyright.
Copyright has become very strict these days, but I think that if you make it too strict, you will have less chance to know the wonderful songs.
However, I think it is important to protect the copyright itself, so I would like to keep an eye on future trends in this regard.

For the time being, the illustrator who was drawn in the game of " Insurance salesperson Yukarin" accepted the request for the new work!
However, since the painting is likely to be completed after August, I am thinking of proceeding with the translation and sequel of this ” BLACK BAITO”work first.

What I want you to see most in the game is graphics, so this time I made it a very simple game.
But,Adding a difficulty setting to this game may certainly be a good idea!

I also want to make an English version of this.
However, this game has written characters directly on the graphic.
For this reason, if it would be a big deal to make an English version of this game, I'm putting it off.
Also, since this game is a trial version and the commercial version is already on sale, we will charge for the translated English version.
However, since there is one scene of graphic that I have not used yet as I got from the author who drew this picture, I am thinking of posting this as a free work.
The story so far is dark, so I'm thinking of making it a little brighter.

I also think that the BGM of the game is important.
Thinking about what kind of BGM will be played next, I am looking forward to advancing the game.
I would like to do my best not only in graphics but also in discovering BGM!

I have entered the holidays.
I'm thinking of calling my parents and giving them money.
I used to send sweets, but I'm quitting.
Because my parents are getting older and have less eating food.
Therefore, I would like to send money and have my parents buy what they like.

Regarding requests, I will proceed as far as I can.
If a genre that I wasn't interested in came(For example,gay, scatology, loli, androgynous, etc.) , I would have been in trouble.
But if it's "cute", I think I can make it.

I think it will take some time, but I will try it!

Originally, I also wanted to be able to make music and graphics.
But I have noticed that so many people are already making great pictures and music.
And they also learned that they were buried in other works and went unnoticed by anyone.
That's why I decided to stop making music and paintings myself and discover and use their work.
So I'm very happy to get a comment like you!

Since the game is difficult, I wrote in readme.txt how to skip the shooting game.
In other words, you can manipulate the scripts that control the game.
This may be the reason why this game was falsely detected as malware.
Therefore, we have submitted this to Microsoft to clear the false positives.
At the same time, if i build the exe with a new version after that, false positives will occur again.
In the future, we plan to make major improvements to this to reduce its similarity to malware.

Therefore, I look forward to working with you in the future!

Yes, I'm not going to be active, but if I get a chance, I'll take it!

Golden Week is a period of various kinds of holidays.
Therefore, some people go to work during the Golden Week holidays, but I can take a rest in early May.
I really want to go see my old parents, but I won't go this time.
Because it can infect the coronavirus.
So I'm thinking of making a game at home.

Thank you for your request for the illustration.
"cute" genre!
OK,In that case, I will place an order after considering the scenario of the characters.

I will be on holidays after two more days of work.
I will be careful not to get sick.
Please be careful of your body, too.

(1 edit)

Thank you for your concern.

I have reached this age without getting married.
At this age in this country today, and i am a non-driving the car person, so i will be difficult to get married.
So I will do what I like and live.

I'm about to enter the Golden Week holidays, so I'm thinking of requesting new illustrations by that time.
If you have any genre you like, we will refer to it when you request.

We will continue to create games with an easy-to-understand game system and scenarios in mind!

Especially this game has a lot of downloads, so I want to take good care of it.
I look forward to working with you! !! !!

I also want to gradually create the ship design system for that game.
On the other hand, I also try to be careful not to make the operation difficult.

Oh, and the caveat is that the original game is for all ages, so be careful.

I am very happy that I was able to meet your expectations!
You are 21 years old, right? By the way, I am 39 years old.
I think it's refreshing to be able to talk to various people not only about the country but also about age.

If you hear that it has been well received from outside Japan, illustrators will surely be pleased.
I will continue to make games with him.
It takes time to get the picture drawn, but I would like to make a new game by the fall of this year.

Well, I'm going to sleep and go to work.
I will write replies to other games after I come back from work, so please be patient.

Thank you for your many comments!
I was worried that there would be problem with the game balance, but you was relieved that it seemed to proceed to the end safely.

That monster is the guardian of the forest.
Different cultures and places of living can backfire of the kindness he have given to someone.
I thought there might be such a problem between humans and monsters, so I maked about it story.

I am very happy that you enjoyed it!

As I got older, I couldn't play games with difficult rules, so I tried to keep it simple.
So, I'm very happy to receive high praise for making it simple, including the story and the game!

For the illustrations, I ordered another person to draw them.
One of the people I always ask when making games, so I'd like to continue making games together.
I look forward to working with you!

Thank you for playing the game!
This game system mimics a game named "Naval Ops: Commander".
Because the maker doesn't make a sequel.
I would like to add more and more functions in the future!

Thank you for your feedback on other games too.
I will translate it and write reply!

I'm Japanese so I can't hear English.

But I remembered 8Man!
Fight! Fight! Eight! Eight!

This game program had also been analyzed by Microsoft.

However, it seems that there are still some similarities to the virus pointed out.
In other words, even the slightest difference from the program submitted for analysis can cause false positives again.
Therefore, I incorporated the program I submitted and analysed for  uploaded it again.
If this is the case, Windows Defender has already been notified that there is no problem by Microsoft analyse team, so you can play with relief.

If you still have the enthusiasm to play the game, please download and play it again.

The analysis results are back from Microsoft.

And I had them take measures to prevent false detections.
If you're still enthusiastic about playing games, check it out.

I think the analysis result of "A story about getting a reward from Ms. Zun" will take a while.

As mentioned in the note, if you don't like disarm their defenses, you should install security software from another manufacturer.

Also, as noted in the note, we have already asked Microsoft to analyze the cause of this issue.

I understand that people who download it will be anxious.
In fact, this also affectsed the number of downloads.
But I'm also annoyed that Microsoft has condemned my program innocent sin.
So I'm not going to do anything here until Microsoft admits the mistake.
Thank you for your understanding.

The reason why the same note as "Insurance salesperson Yukarin (English Version)" is written is because it runs on the same program.

As stated in the note, it is a false positive of Windows Defender that it is determined to be malware.

This work is not malware.
Also,  false positives to my software is Microsoft's responsibility and not my responsibility.

(1 edit)

The English version is ready!

I plan to make English versions of other works little by little.


Thank you for playing!
I hope you enjoyed it!
There are some other games I want update to have for English version.
I look forward to working with you!

Now, I bought a computer with Windows 10.
And I confirmed that the virus you pointed out was falsely detected.
Therefore, i submitted an analysis request to Microsoft.

If you're in a hurry, change your Windows defender settings.

I have now certainly confirmed that it is caused by "Windows  Defender".

If the error can be reproduced on my computer,i have Microsoft analyze it.
If you're in a hurry, change your Windows Defender settings and set an exception for the downloaded file.

Or maybe the ZIP file cannot be opened?
I had something similar case before, and I've solved it by putting my files on another server, can you give it a try?

Then, it looks like a false positive of security software.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have a way to solve this problem.

If possible, answer the following questions regarding this issue.
・ What kind of security software are you using("Windows Defender","ESET","Norton",etc...)?
・ What kind of virus does security software say was found?
Of course, answering is not obligatory.
However, if you know the above information, it will be a great help for future game production.
I will use this information to check the operation and make future games.
Even if the problem cannot be resolved, it will still be able to alert the viewer.

(1 edit)

Isn't it a warning screen when executing the downloaded file?
You will be warned because it may contain a virus that Windows cannot tell.
However, this game was investigated with security software(ESET internet security), so please feel free to run it.
Of course, I am using security software that has been updated to the latest version.

If the security software you are using is falsely detected and you cannot play it, unfortunately there is nothing I can do.
Because I'm not an expert in security software.
However, the picture used for the game is in "".
The path is written in "310.bmp" in the "bmp" folder.
try it.