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This is an interesting game, the theme interpretation was a 10/10, tho the levels maybe need a bit of work, all of them are really easy! I know that there was a short time period for making the game, but you maybe could've used some of the time for making a little puzzle on some levels.
I like that you decided to go with a 3D game, I wouldn't ever make a 3D game for such a short game jam haha so that's an extra point from me!

Overall pretty nice!

Hey, just wanted to make what you can use and not use a bit more clear. Pre-made assets are allowed as long they are free! You MUST credit the assets clearly on your page. Keep in mind that if you use a lot of assets, that will be taken into consideration for your overall rating. As for code, only pre-made code snippets are allowed.

Have fun in the jam!

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Hey there!

I have discussed this with a few other hosts and we have decided to allow it. You can use Roblox for the jam, just find a way to submit the game(maybe upload a txt file with the link for the game and put the link of the game in the description) and make sure to follow all the rules.

Have fun!

CCC Jam 2.0 community · Created a new topic Questions Here

Ask any question that you would want to ask a host in the comment on this post!

I managed to run the game and its awesome! Didnt yet finish it but ill play it a bit later =D

no complaints, the art is beautiful and i love the concept!

I didnt even finish the game but i already love it!

Am stuck on puzzle 2 xD

the only thing, ya couldve put a bit of music in

Game is awesome! I see you guys really worked hard on this one, the art is AMAZING and I like the interpretation of the theme =D

My only complaint, its wayy too hard.. Sometimes even impossible! For an example, I was going thru the middle of a spike wall, and 2 enemies immediately came and it was impossible to survive!

Other than that, all 5 stars =D

Cool game! 1 problem tho, on the canvas you need to select Scale To Screen Size because on my screens the buttons on the main menu and text in game are soo big i can barely see them

awesome! The bug is fixed! I just played the game and its awesome =D I love the puzzle styled game and the art is veryy cute too : )


Game seems very cool and awesome interpretation of the theme!

Hey, I cant move the robots in the game, ya have a bit less than an hour to upload a windows version or fix the problem =D

I get an error when i try to open, it says: Unable to find VL Gothic font


nothing really, probably just a shoutout in the hosts jam videos

As most of us know, the theme is Parallel Worlds, and it is a pretty hard theme to make and even understand, so go easy on the ratings =D

The winners will be chosen by the Hosts, but the community ratings will be taken into consideration!!!

only pixel art lol



Yeah, 3D pixelart games are all over itch


Trying to get more people to participate in the jam =D

This game is very very cool, it has a deep meaning and the simple, but effective art design is awesome

you gotta make a bool and if its true the timer would go down but if its not the timer wont go down, so when u lose you can stop the timer =D

it happens on the 1st level too

theres a bug, if u wait a while after losing on the 2nd level, the next level button will appear and u will go to the end screen(win scene)

Very cute game, but WAYY too hard

3 months ago, yes, i cant remember how to find it anymore so im trying to do it again lmao

love it soo much, im still playing it

I have really been thinking about hosting a 2nd ccc jam! 

Oh, btw, im 13 xD

I saw the trailer for your game and it looks pretty good, I didnt say the time it takes to create a game sets the quality, but you should definitely work more on it and then release it, especially if its a game that requires payment to play. Besides that, if you want to win the game jam at least set it to free during the game jam period, then you can make it payed. This just seems like you are trying to promote something, like kind of an ad. You would also get feedback from the community to see what you can fix or make better before you sell your game. Look at this reply as a personal suggestion and stop fighting against all others. 

I am a judge, but that doesnt mean I always need to be professional. People explained it to them 100 times and at this point I feel like they are pretending not to understand because they dont want to accept they are in the wrong, they are 13, that age is well enough to understand a concept of a finished game and not call others homeless for not buying it.  Besides that it was 1 cuss word in the last sentence, nothing more. Peace

As i said, not everyone has money to spend on ur game made in 1 week especially when theres a bunch of free ones, im not saying u cant make money off of it, it just isnt a smart idea to sell a game made in 1 week for a game jam. Nothing that I said needs to confuse you, its your own fault you brought hate on yourself for calling other people homeless. Besides that, u cant call a game made in 1 week finished, it probably has a bunch of bugs and not such long of a play time. I am a fast game developer too, but that doesnt mean the quality is always the best. Peace man

I agree, Parsa is maybe unexpired. I never sold any of my games, not even uploaded every single one i made. I am currently working on one I plan to charge $1, it will probably be months of work. I still do not understand how someone could charge a game made for a game jam in 1 week. 

Listen mate, how did u get to the idea to make a game for a game jam in 1 week and charge it?! Didnt it cross ur mind there would be 60+ other free games to play, and besides that not all people have the money to buy ur game. No one called you rude until you started actually being rude and calling others "homeless". As I saw from the replies someone was actually homeless in the past and that could have really offended them. Chill the fuck out and continue with ur life. 

Im glad man, you deserve it! (while making the other comment I didnt see your first reply lol, thats why I asked the same question 2 times)

Haha, read the new comment I posted, ull like it!

Great news! After a quick restart I managed to run the rest of the game without any problems! Thanks you so much for making this man, im 100% gonna feature this in my video about it. I am also gonna try to get u as highest place as possible. The music timed with everything in the boss battle is amazing! As soon as you see this, please just tell me in which game making software did you make this, I really wanna check it out.