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Dilligaf 420 (aka Gullberg)

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Is this really better than the other type of MDMA?

Let me know if u like the game.

Best version of Snaaaaaaake! ever.

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Get the game here:

It´s a puzzle, with 2dpsycis, retro pixelart game, with some action features. 

Try it, it´s free. 

10levels.... for now. Moar will come.

Inspired from games like Chip, Legend of Zelda, Metroid Primer, c64 games, palette from GameBoy

To the game: Windows PC downloadable version right now:

Try it out, give some feedback. 

The game has 10levels, and some polish-work is planned. Butt it´s fully playable without any weird stuff.

So the only badguy to stay away from is this glitched-pepsiman, that kill the game if you run into him? I tried it twice, 2nd I found a dead body.. was that the real end?

thx mate.

ITs awesome, 10 of 10 foots

Download the updated version of the game and try again, the 2nd level is much more possible to finish now. And the better levels are after that level.

You can contact me on email:

Thanks 😁👍