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Status is updated to Fix In Review for 2021.1.X

So here's hoping it shows up in 2021.1.21f.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I'll take a look at it.

And STM 2.0 will happen one day. I believe in you! WE ALL DO!

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Is there a way to add custom inline tags? I know that <e> can be used, though it is a bit limiting as far as expanding beyond single calls. I could do <e=something,something> and do delimiter splitting and so on, but that could get a bit heavy, but it would be great if we could get a way to inject our own custom tags to really tie the reader into our own logic more deeply if there's not already a way.

Asking in case I missed it, otherwise I'd like to request it as a general "please give it a look" type thing. It would certainly help me out a bunch.

Alright, I'm back off to the code mines. Thanks for your time. :D

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Yep, that fixed it. Even though the UI was saying that I was on Point (even when manually selecting the file and regardless of override) I think it was forcing Bilinear.

And to get it pixel perfect I just need to multiple the pixel size by the quad size, so 1.125 to go from 16-18.

Edit: Just to add, not sure how this happened since it was working previously with the same texture. Just somehow the quad file got broken without being touched.


I reimported the file because it seems to have been somehow corrupted by applying it as a texture for a quad image file.

1. Import the file fresh, it's pixel perfect beautiful when I drop it into the scene.
2. Drag it onto the buttons quad image I made
3. Drop the image into the scene:

There's the inspector. Toggling the Override and changing options doesn't do anything. I'm going to try deleting and fully remaking the quad now to see if that fixes the issue.

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Hey again!

So I'm trying to do button prompts inline and there's a minor issue where the scaling that STM does (even with point enabled) is causing my icons to come out blurry. I'd really like if there was a way I could lock the quad sizing to be integer scaled of the source quad size (18x18 pixels at 1PPU in my case) so I can maintain my pixel perfect sprites.

Also, it doesn't seem to be respecting point filtering even though the STM object, texture, and quad image settings (tried overriding and not) are all set to point.

AH! First of all, thanks!

More importantly:
Your statement here has led me to realize something.

When you search for Super Text Mesh on google, the top result for docs points toward which are woefully out of date.

It might be worth turning that page into a redirect to the version or updating them because I have been reading old docs for the past few months without realizing it.

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I don't know if there is currently a way to control things inline, but I'd very much like to be able to do the following:

I am a line of dialogue being read normally thing... <r=0>BAM!</r> reads all at once, but back to normal read speed after.

If there is, please let me know how since I didn't see anything in the docs that would allow it and if there's not I would like to request it as a feature.

I'm also happy to write my own if there's an undocumented way to extend inline parsing options, I'd just need to be pointed toward what files I should look at to get started.

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Generally, I love the font and the large number of glyphs available for use in dialogue. That said, I do find that the + shaped versions of the period and other dot symbols is a bit of an odd choice that keeps me from using the font as I think it's a style choice I don't think fits my game. I especially find the in-font prompts extremely compelling, but for a font that has the stated goal of being "the defacto font for pixel games and applications," this is a pretty bold departure from the rendering of those glyphs. Curiously the styling does not apply to the Full Width CJK version of the characters as far as I can tell.

So I guess that's just a long winded way of asking if there's some non-stylistic reason for the choice that I've overlooked and whether there is interest from your side in making a more standard rendering version for those glyphs available?

Thanks for your hard work on the font and for your time! :D

OKAY! I figured it out. I think. I went diggin' around in the code and threw in a million Debug.Logs() in the OnEnable because I am a man of deep talent and skill.

What I discovered was that this is just an unfortunate case of ScriptExecutionOrder and SuperTextMesh happening to run before the Mask. Upping the SEO on SuperTextMesh solved the problem and everything's fine. So if anyone else has a problem where things are having a hard time dealing with Masks, there ya go.

As to the outline, yeah, I figured it was URP. Sadly, I love those 2D Lights and how much time they save me. Interestingly enough, STM works perfectly normally in-game, the preview problem is limited to the editor, which is such a minor issue as to not be worth caring about for me. I'll keep that script handy in case I run into issues later on.

I couldn't find anything on the forum for this so if I missed it, I apologize.

Just to cover the first bit, the shader is set up to properly use masking per other posts on the forum (Mask Comparison set to 3) and it works properly in general.

I have a Hierarchy that looks like this Tablet -> ContentArea (Mask) -> PlayerInventory -> SelectedItemName (The STM GameObject)

If I toggle either the Tablet or the ContentArea (Mask) GameObject off and back on, the mask stops working. It seems like the only thing bothered by this is the mask interaction.

A rebuild of any kind seems to solve the problem so I currently have a script to fix it up but obviously I'd prefer to have it working without the script being on every mask-interacting STM instance. Haha.

Also, for some reason, for Outline and DropShadow shaders, text preview only shows the shadow or the outline, not the text. I'm on URP with the 2dRenderer so if you tell me that's to blame, I will 100% believe you and apologize for even mentioning it.


Should be white text with a shadow underneath.

Thanks again for your time! :D

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Thanks for all the hard work on this package and to all the contributors.

Any ETA on the 2.3 update rolling out to NPMJS for those of use using the Package Manager? It's currently at 2.2.4.

Awesome, that STMPagination script looks like exactly what I need. Thanks a ton, man.

And thanks for giving a look to ellipsis mode. It was a thing I didn't think I'd ever need until I ran into the cruel realities of pixel art and integer scaling and sometimes you just need to make sure things are going to cut off in an elegant way. Haha.

Thanks again! I'm off to rip some TMPro fields out of my UI once and for all.

Hey! First of all, thanks for making this. It's a godsend for working with bitmap fonts and adding life to text fields.

The one thing I'd like to see added are a paid of overflow options that TMPro has that I use from time to time but aren't available for SuperTextMesh.

The two are the ellipsis mode and the linked overflow mode. I use the linked overflow mode to create columns for text and it's really a handy feature for doing things like that. Though it is a bit of an edge case, I think it's a fairly simple solution to the problem of columns so it's a thing I'd like to use STM for instead of having to fallback on TMPro or more complex scripts.

Thanks again for making a superior alternative to Unity's pair of basically abandoned options and for your time.