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Love the demo! - Quick question!... Is there one particular ABS plugin you used for this game? (i.e, mog or phoenix kagedesu) or did you create your own proprietary ABS system. Just curious because I as well am wanting to develop an ABS game, but with the Horror city graphics! - Cheers! Keep up the awesome work! 

Love your sets! - Quick question. Can these sets be used for rpg maker mv? (Ie. 48x48) tiles? - If not what would be the best way to upsize your images without loosing quality.

Hey! - I just bought this pack today and I'm super excited to use it, but I just have a quick question. I noticed "for example" that your !crystal.png displays the crystals vertically rather than horizontally. Traditionally (using RPG Maker MV) if I wanted to make a standalone animation of the crystal I'd have to select stepping in the event and it would read the image from left to right. Would you be able to quickly let me know how to achieve the animation based on the top down orientation of the PNG? - Thank you!