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I don't know if you got it working but if not, VST3 plugins works only if they are installed in the default folder. FL Studio and Cubase will not show any VST3 plugins that are installed outside the VST3 folder. However, I'm not sure if Studio One works that way but in any case I believe this is worth mentioning.

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First of all, great job with the plugin! This is a game changer as it allows much faster workflow and opens easier sound design possibilities.

Here's some points from me and Atte (Riiho) tought that would improve the plugin, I don't know anything about programming so I don't expect that everything is possible but I'll just put the ideas here and take what you can.

1. The possibility to play punch from one sample and tail from another and have separate gain and pitch adjustments for both samples.
(This will enable even more creative workflow and try out different punches with the same tail and vise versa)

2. Advanced and separated sample adjustments (gain, pitch & mute)
(Separate gain adjustments is very important because this will allow to have good pressure balance throughout the kick. I always put the punch and tail to separate mixer channels, mute button could allow this as I can find the sweetspot for the crossfade between punch and tail and then I can just duplicate the plugin and mute the tail from the first Nimble Kick and mute the punch from the another, then it's possible to route them both to separate mixer channels and have more control over the whole kick.)

3. The possibility to reverse polarity/phase

4. Attack and Release adjustments for the limiter.
(This way there would be more control over the way how the limiter works, the adjustments will be audible especially in extreme conditions if the kick is pushed to the limiter louder)

5. UI Scale settings to the top of the plugin and reducing the maximum scale.
(As in my previous topic I told, once you adjust the UI scale too large that the bottom of the plugin is not visible it will be impossible to revert the settings without deleting the settings files. If the adjustments were in top corner it would prevent this kind of situation of happening. The maximum scale should be much smaller aswell, I think something between 200% and 300% would be enough even for the largest screens.)

6. Improvements for the time stretch and pitch algorithms and Audition algorithm from Adobe Audition
(The current algorithms are okay, but definitely not perfect if compared to Adobe Audition CC 2015. They work in some kicks and others not that much. It seems the algorithms are struggling to keep the time stretch in same lenght. For example reverse bass kick will lose it's drive on different notes.)

7. Different distortion types
(The current distortion is okay, but I wouldn't use it as my primary distortion as it sounds a little bit cheap. If it could be improved or even if the plugin had a few distortion types that would open up even more doors for creative sound design. Especially some asymmetric distortion would be cool to see, for example Fruity Waveshaper priceless, really good for high pitched distortion. Fabfilter Pro-L Allround algorithm is perfect for low-end warmth and overall distortion. I don't know if any of these examples help but in anycase the possibility to change the distortion type would have huge impact to the plugin)

8. Advanced tail adjustments
(reversing, time stretching, sample start offset)
(This would allow the users to do more creative kick sound design. I've lately found out that if you reverse only the tail and play the right part of the tail and stretch if needed, this will open up so much cool possibilities with the sound design. Sometimes I created 5 unique kicks from one kick just by tweaking the start offset and stretch.)

9. Linking the "Distortion" and "Kick FX" modules.
(Once you touch the XY-adjustment in "Kick FX" module the adjustments in "Distortion" module does nothing and even the values does not change when you adjust the XY-parameter. Would be cool to have the possibility to adjust in both modules as they were linked and show what you're doing in realtime. What I mentioned now is mainly quality of life stuff, but the biggest problem here is that when you've adjusted the XY-parameter it's impossible to adjust the mix-knob for the distortion, which should be the last adjustment in the sound design process once you've found the sweetspot for the distortion.)

10. Advanced stereo adjustments for tail (Mono low-end below 200hz and widening for high frequencies)
(Some of the algorithms seems to change the stereoimage in the kick and generate some artifacts, it could improve the end result if there was the possibility to switch the low end of the tail to mono and maybe even do some stereo widening to the high end where all that nice crispyness and tail character is. This one is not really that important as it's easy to do in mixer, but if it's easy to do for the plugin that would definitely make this plugin even better.)

Here's what came to mind, hope it's all fixable and really looking forward to see the future updates. I would definitely see this somewhere in 80-150€ price range If you polish this product and especially check that the algorithms are high quality (time stretch and pitch & distortions).

Best regards,

Oskar Hänninen
Digital Mindz
LUJA Sound


Thanks for the fast reply! Keep up the great work :)


I tried to resize the UI by 2.0 and now it's so large for my screen that I cannot re-adjust the UI size because the UI settings are on the bottom. Tried to delete the plugin and  do a re-scan, but it seems there's some settings cache somewhere because it remembers the UI settings.

Any ideas how to fix this? I'm working with FL Studio 20.