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Hi! I love this game. I'm a speedrunner, check out the run I did recently here: 

You may have noticed that the time includes decimal places. We modded the game to include these for more precision.

In future updates and in the full release, could you please include at least 2 decimal places in the times? At least in the final end screen. This is critical for differentiating top times.

If not, that's ok! Thanks for making it!

you can type just the character 'h'

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This was super duper fun! 15:09.2 rewound first completion. I think this concept can be expanded upon much further. Couldn't stop laughing while playing, and was continually interested in the new difficulties and gameplay mechanics that came up during play. I only wish it was more punishing.

Edit: my best is about 29 seconds of rewind. Furthest I've gotten perfect is up to starlight in the third level, and I've done up to blizzard in that level alone. Really want to perfect clear this... currently tearing my hair out. speedrun leaderboard :)

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A simulator doesn't really have a 'playtime' I think

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I agree

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Sent you a friend request - I'm Mitchell238k (on discord)

Still looking! And its becoming more and more urgent the longer I develop the game!

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Thanks, and yes I am still looking for a sound designer. What would be your preferred method of contact?

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Worked on it a bit more. I added the cracking effect, the next game, and the structure for the next. I also tweaked the snake game a little. Try it out (opens in new tab):

Untitled Project Version 2

Note: I know you can't kill the space invaders. That's a part of the game; you have to wait until your impending doom.

Note 2: I know the last game there is just wrong all round, I'm fixing it.

Note 3: Most of the graphics are just stand-ins.

'6.2 Billion Furry Humanoids' Uhm.... no thanks lol

If it fits in the '8-bit' form, I guess so.

Love the name lol

Hey anyone that's willing to help me by making arcade-y style graphics please let me know. - My devlog.

Did you not save? If so, that sucks!

Love the moustaches.

I've decided my game will be a 'meta' game; basically you are playing a bunch of arcade games and you are finding things within them that aren't quite correct until the game just crashes completely in some unorthodox way (maybe breaking the fourth wall towards the end).

So, the first game I picked was snake, and when you go to collect the food, a 'scary face' pops up. It's just some art I've pulled off of google images and re-coloured dark green. It's a place holder for something else; like maybe the game cracks open and then blacks out, transitioning into space invaders or something. I haven't gotten that far yet.

NOTE: Controlling the snake is a b****, I know. It's hard using just the mouse, but for the next few games I will make sure to make it more mouse accessible. Sometimes it doesn't register when you click, I think that's just Java screwing with me.

NOTE 2: Am looking for an artist + sound designer casually, so if you want to help, let me know!

NOTE TRES: This game is being coded from scratch in java and this first version is ~ 1 hour of work. So you need java installed.

Anywho, here's the first version of the game (opens in new tab):

Untitled Project Version 1

Love the text-box at the bottom of the screen, gives you a bit of a preview of the game and it's style!

Love the art for the aforementioned 'plucky protagonist'!