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Super neat!

How can I move objects? either I'm thick or that's not implemented yet. 

EDIT: translation! found it :P

Me too! I want to be acknowledged!

Dang :/ I have no idea how to build for mac with gamemaker. 

I started working on a series of small games. Jam-like games, done in anything from 1 to 4 weeks. This is the first of such venture, an extra simple idea that served as a learning project to get the hang of gamemaker, the engine I chose for this.

In Flaming Go! you play as a flamingo dashing on giant mosquitos. There's an arena mode and a tower climb mode. Done in less than two weeks in my spare time, so manage your expectations accordingly :P

That was excellent! I got almost all collectibles on all levels (except the shield). The boss kicked my ass a dozen times. Very fun!

My only question is about the stomp mechanic. I could not find a good use for it.

Lovely experience! small touches here and there made me hyper aware. The whale (I imagine) shaking the boat, the fishes, the seagulls.

I could not find all the items in the list, however, there is a recurring bug where the "press anything to continue" pop up message won't go away. I restarted the game and it happened again.

Thanks! Yeah, I imagine it's not great emulation. But sometimes I just want to showcase the demo in a more interactive way, without requiring too much hassle from people.

Hey Max! Possibly, but I haven't visited this project in a few years and at its current state it wouldn't be worth porting.

Hey there! I'm curious about this browser emulator. I also develop with SGDK and would like an online solution.

Hey there. Really promising game so far!

Just a comment on the controls: unless the mouse is really necessary (doesn't seem like it at this point) don't use wasd and its adjacent keys, because it's really awkward to control the game with only my left hand. It makes sense to use wasd and E, F, Q etc when the right hand is on the mouse but not here. Instead use arrow keys and any sequence of keys from Z to C and the row above. This is my suggestion, at least.

Super fun concept. Looks like you have the basics done for a puzzle platformer. Puzzle platformers can be tricky because  any death that sends you back feels like a chore, unlike in an action game. Once you figured out the puzzle, having to execute the solution more than once isn't fun.

I'm not saying I'm seeing this in the demo, btw! just a word of caution from someone also struggling with designing levels for a puzzle platformer.

Esse fim de semana está complicado para mim também mas eu tenho interesse. Eu gostei do nome da jam :P

Came here to ask the same question. I don't get it. Maybe I got the bad one?

2DOOM community · Created a new topic Control bindings

This being a browser game I understand it's limited on custom bindings, but most games I've played with similar controls have z and x as shoot and jump, so I'm constantly throwing grenades instead of jumping. 

The few times I survived the elevator trip I did not have enough features on the calculator to proceed.  I tried being clever and getting few numbers and a few operations but I couldn't find a good combination that allows me to reproduce the number within the allowed number of tries. Any hints?

Hey there, this looks like an awesome asset. I have an interest in doing things procedurally generated and this could be very useful. I'm also curious about translucency rendering. Is it supported? Is it a planned feature? If not, do I have access to the shaders so I could try implementing it myself? Raymarching is commonly used to make great looking fluids, clouds etc. So this asset could be of use to any traditional game that wants something better looking than traditional particle effects.

Hey there, I tried opening the rar (windows) but my zip program doesn't seem to agree that this is a rar file and can't do anything bout it. I can open other rar files here, so maybe the file is corrupted on last update?

Nevermind. Squinted my way to victory :D

Hey there! any way to make it full screen or maximized? it's all soooo tiny on my screen.