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Gostei do visual de folha pautada. Me lembra meus projetos q eu fazia durante as aulas rs rs.

Hey Congrats on the 1st Place of the Rainbow game Jam! I am sorry i could not play your game on Linux but i could see that it seems to be a great game! And really thanks for playing my game :)

Aha! after playing for a while i said, i know this music! i have used in a project before! :) Interesting game, not sure if i understand it.
And thanks for playing my game! :)

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It's a mess and it is incomplete.. but I will leave here with this playable demo of whatever this is :)
and of course its messy source code!

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O Problema com o tempo em questão é a impossibilidade  de se distribuir amor pra todo mundo ao mesmo tempo...e enquanto a vida passa pessoas vem e vão e nao ha nada q se possa fazer senao desapegar e seguir em frente... (ja estamos preparando a proxima versao. 😀) grato pelo feedback!

I Spend the day doing it :

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I can see this being used to make some music.. though it might be a long path to get there... :)

Nice work!

Consegui jogar no linux pelo Wine. Dificil lidar com essa personalidade AI! Rs

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Hi, wrote a review on the wrong page. So, first of  all, you got me interested in keep going but, level 5 is to hard for me.. don't know how to do it. And i liked that i could turn the music off  (in most games i do)  but if i had volume control i would not turn it off. Liked that there is a colour blind mode and the way the player is shown with the blinking light. Liked the level editor too. in a few seconds i was playing my own level. NICE!

and also, the persons voice comes from one side or the other because at one point of the project she used to say " this way" and not Right or left.

Hi Len, since version 0.1 i am trying do something that works and is fun to play. So, yes more levels are being designed. He have recorded the sound the simplest way possible and i admit that i have must skipped the noise reduction filter in a few... so i will check it out again on a next update. Thanks to tell me about it. But can you identify witch sound is not good or it's like the whole thing?

Hi. The cat is acctualy on the other side of the wall (if it was foaward, if was not, it was a bug he was trying to catch) this cat is really smarter than you thing.. Maybe he had a surprise for you on the other side. So, yes! there's in deed another room and the door is not far you should find a door. :)

Thanks for playing!

It seems that the other person can see too. stranger dimensions round here!
Just updated, hope you enjoy it again.

Hi Friend,  just released a new version alpha0.6 Thanks to you now you will have ending sounds they are there waiting for you now!
also i have redesign many audio positioning.. many many little things.. :P And thanks for trying and for your feedback!!!

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Hi Friend,  just released a new version alpha0.6 See if you can find the key now. the cat will help you! :)

also i have redesign many audio positioning.. many many little things.. :P
And thanks for trying and for your feedback!!!

Could not pass second level at 4h45 am. let's try it again tomorrow! Loved Mr. Knight, he is a great jumper!!! :D

Loved the music and the funny creatures! I'ĺl play it again later for sure! :)

Gato Mia Roguelike

A cat, head-phones, a computer keyboard, and an eight by eight colourful blocks tile-set over a lot of programming scratches on papers. The big yellow title reads: "Gato Mia Roguelike.
Gato Mia Roguelike is a game to be played with your ears and fingers (but it has subtitles too).


- "Oh, it's so dark, let's catch the cat and get out of here!"

This is my first #7drl jam subscription, and second time at a jam.
At my first jam, the #30GodotWildJam, "gato mia - br" got the, well deserved, last place! But this time i have accomplished my main goals and learned a lot in the process!

A few notes about it:

  • With the web game version, i could not know how to preload the sound and so you may get a little nostalgic "gato mia br" special defect (if you tryed that, you know what i mean).
  • Ah! The game have only two self generated levels and by now level 1 may be easy sometimes, but level 2 may be a little more tricky  ;)
    Try also in portuguese witch is kind of the same game but different voices and sentences... and there is my son's voice and mine also. :P
  • The english version has my cousin voice which is much nicer. :D
  • It'll be a lot of fun when the 4 new levels are done, probably by the end of the next 7 days.
    And i will add an on screen controller for accessibility.

Much will be done after the voting period because now i have 100 + universes to explore and it's time go collect stuff and find some doors in strange places, ready to die and never come back to the same place again.

Happy exploring to us all!

I know how frustrating it can be to find in the last minute the export won work right.

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Loving what you are doing digging walls! Amazing art work and the music is very nice too. Let's finish up our games!

want to see what's next?

After getting  the last place on the jam, i decided to keep going and made this for the #7drl17 jam

It's awsome! My Game is getting better ;)

I total agree with you.. I am sorry for making you play it at this stage. should have tried a little bit more (after the last stupid changes) and limited the repetition speed so you wouldn't have to alt f4 your way out of it in a heartbeat. I will be making improvements and release a better, more playable, version of it

Just if you could give *one step at a time*, following my son instructions, in the right time, and listen to the cat position after the GATOMIA(if noting is pressed)... with the commands in the right order you would  get to the end [PEGOU O GATO!] and not get crazy with the over speed. :P. even with overspeed you could get out of that... lol.. but than for what? The main idea you have got! to publish a game.. its almost playable! and thanks for trying it!

hi. please read my other comment.) and try again.

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just press the arrow keys and follow the kids instructions.. if he says. DIREITA, go right. if he says  ESQUERDA means go left. .. if he says "PRA FRENTE" you should go foward. "Pra trasi" means go back. And if he says "GATOMIA" than you choose where to go. if it's foward, left or right.. if he says CUIDADO means be carefull! than it all up to you. and don t make many mistakes or things may get a little bit  too crazy.