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For me this might be the best looking game of the jam, everything just clicks right. No complaints on my end.

Its difficult, fast and with a good look to boot, mechanically its kinda weird at first but easy to get used too. It keeps the palyer constantly engaged. Good job 

I love the aesthetic, feels like a micro journey but there is notecable jitteriness in the movement, at least on my part, might be something technical.

Overall, quite a good job, art is top notch ,the only gripe i have is that attacks do not have sound effects. 

I got no complains, the game has that nice addictive quality of just a few more seconds, sound graphics and controls are all well implemented.

I enjoyed it, it has a pretty chill feel and controls pretty nicely.

Hard to describe but this little thing has more satisfactory juice than half the games on this site. Good job man, hope you will continue your work.

I like the sound design and the way it looks but controls are weird with 100% friction and UP being the jump button.

I really enjoyed the presentation and while it lacks in engaging gameplay the plot is pretty intriguing. 

O yea sure, just upload it on itch, ill follow you so i get notified. 

Thanks a lot to all of ya for playing and also for the feedback. Its much appreciated

Thanks a bunch dude

Everything just kinda falls in place and works, the art is good, controls tight and with a cool atmosphere.

The only thing that kinda caught me off guard is the low framerate, but im unsure if that is just how the game was made or something off with my computer.

Great game man, and its really damn hard too. Good job m8

The game is beautifull but yea, i couldnt figure out the controls myself.  Other than that, nice job.

I had more fun than id like to admit, feels a bit too floaty but the concept is pretty great and it also looks pretty good even tho it isnt true monochrome. You can make a full blown game out of this

Its good for the timeframe you had, the dithering is very well executed and nice to see that u took the suggestion to speed things up. Good job overall

Im sure getting binding of Issac vibes from this, controls are fine wihle a bit slippery and i love the way every hit gives off feedback. 

The game plays nicely and smoothly, i like how clean everything looks and the thing that really adds to it is how all the resources in the game are finite. The only thing i'd change is making the controls more spacey by reducing the amount of slowdown. Good job man

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Thanks man, was nice to watch someone play it to completion

Thanks man, it was a blast to make. Also i think that your submission looks a lot more authentic to the intelevision style than mine.

I must say that i really like the way the game looks and sounds, it reminds me a lot of the game Berzerk which might be your primary inspiration, the only issue i have with it that the movement is a bit too floaty, like the character is on ice. Otherwise good job :D

I love the premise of this, both infuriating and fun.