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Hi, never thought about that, tbh. I have no intent on putting any extra license on the output. So if you own the appropriate rights to the input sprites, you should be fine. Hope this helps.

Thanks alot! Stay tuned for upcoming features :)

Great! Not sure how you placed the stars but I’m thinking about a particle option that might help in such cases :) Thanks for sharing!

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This is the first release of my yourgame framework - my take on a Lua powered framework for game-like applications.

There are 2 demos, that also run in the browser, and more to come!

Here we go:

The docs should suffice to make small projects already:


Great! Any idea what the issue was?

Wow, never heard of skypaint before, this looks really antique. But it shares the same idea :)

Glad to see you put my Skybox tool to good use :)

Thanks alot! Love to see your results in action!

did you use the most recent version 0.0.3?

Did you try to open the demo project from via File -> Load Project?

What binary did you try and what exactly happened? Is a logfile created? Thanks!

Glad you had fun! It's really tricky sometimes. The pico-8 palette is also not ideal for that. I kicked some colors out, these 10 are hard enough. Thanks for playing!

hilarious! "you thought for the first time about giving up in the middle of the road" ... exactly! Was a good laugh!

Brilliant! Nice mix of the original gameplay and new ideas. Love to see more!