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my twine obsession is going strong

this is so useful!!! tysm for making it

maybe switch browsers? or devices if it still doesn't work

idk thats just what i need to do usually if a game doesn't run for me

thank you!! yours is adorable  :DD

love how well rounded the mc is!

anything for joia honestly

this was so cool!!

this was so sweet i love it

loved it! the story was the great and the characters are really fun to interact with!!

i really enjoyed this!! the writing was great and super immersive :D

the ui looks rlly nice and the writing was rlly good!!

this was adorable!!

the writing is amazing and the ui looks great!!

AAA i loved this

this was so fun!! aaa i rlly enjoyed it ^^

the writing was so good!! and the ui is stunning :O

that was rlly good!!! cant wait for more :D 

also the ui looks amazing