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Thank you so much! Happy they could be helpful!

Yes, just added it to the metadata!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment and for playing my game!

Because this was my first experience with RPG Maker, there are many things I didn't even know came off as unprofessional or unpolished (such as the aspect ratio changing, or the transfers always activating regardless of the direction the player is facing), or cliché! I appreciate all the feedback, and your gameplay being mostly focused on technical isuues has taught me a lot!

I'll keep all of your comments in mind if I ever make another game in RPG Maker : )

(And I really apologize for the bummer ending, I can confirm though, that after opening the gate the game would have ended). 

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoy them!

I'm not sure I 100% understand your question, but you're free to use them however you like! Making more variants is totally fine by me : )

Hi and thank you for your kind comment! :' )

I'm glad it was enjoable despite how short and confusing it is!

Thank you! I worked hard on the designs thinking I would finish the game and people would have more time to appreciate them, but oh well!

Ahh, I don't know what to say! I really didn't expect gameplay of this so soon after I posted it! :' )

Thank you so much for the kind words, and sorry about the confusion when it comes to the story! 

Very unique premise, works really well with the story and characters and makes the game feel really rich despite it being so short and simple. Great job!

Loved it! This was a great game, really impressive for being your first!

Loved the story and symbolism, loooved the palette, loved the unique menu, loved the characters. The ending was so sweet :')

I got the mini art book as well, it was interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at this project.

Feeling super inspired! Thank you for making Red Trees!

Ahh, thank you so much for commenting! And thank you for making the original sprites!

Thank you, I'm happy you like them! No plans to make more atm, sorry!

Great premise, really good art and I always appreciate a sassy, straight to the point mc! I did run into a bug that softlocked me unfortunately, so I had to start over, but other than that it's a great game!

Thank you so much, I'm happy you like them!

Because of the simple premise, I didn't expect the game to be SO well done! The art, music and writing are so good, great job!

Thank you so much playing, I'm happy you enjoyed it!
The text to speech voices are way more entertaining than I thought haha

Loved it!

The art and music made it feel so cozy, I almost felt like I was relaxing in the pot too! The way Froggy explains their feelings is very realistic and relatable. I liked the answers we could give as well! Sometimes saying "I don't know" is the most realistic thing you can say.

Overall cozy, cute, sad, and a little validating.

Loved it!!

Both Clyde and Fennel are great characters, they really made me invested in the story! Very unique vibe and atmosphere! Also I have no idea what the manager's deal is, but it's really fun and I love it.

Can't wait to play the full game!

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This is a really cute game! I like the realistic/modern approach to vampires, it's interesting. The minigames were fun!  Lovely art and GUI as well!

The art and GUI are gorgeous! Loved the puns!

Didn't expect much of a plot goint into it, but man, it TAKES A TURN.

I kinda wish Pizzaro kept his costume on a bit longer, though :'(

Sorry to bother again!

Would it be okay if I made chibis based on your sprites and shared those as free assets? I'll credit you of course!

I made a few for my game and thought I'd make use of them since the base is already done!

You know how in anime and VNs super generic protagonists have a bunch of pretty girls all fall for him?


My first ever VN, tried to make it funny.

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Thank you so much for the kind words :')

Yes, all artists did an amazing job with the assets!

Sorry about the typos, I'll do my best to find them!

Ahh, thank you for telling me! Should be fixed now!

Thank you so much for these! Making good backgrounds is really difficult, keep up the amazing work!

Used them in my VN!

Couldn't thank you enough for sharing these with the world! These sprites are the backbone of my silly VN, thank you again!

Feel free to let me know if you find any typos! I'll fix them right away!