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Any musicians get burnt out over the course of this jam? Let's talk about it

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Hi! I'm the musician for this game! I hope you enjoyed my work. I made this in FamiTracker. I'm also working on music for a Seeeecret project!

I personally called this one "Space Evaders" and I thought it was funny haha

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Hi, this is the musician! I hope you enjoyed my work!

I also noticed a spelling error, it's *LEAST* points, not *LEST* points

Hi, DL here, I'm the guy who's making the music for the next update! I see your issue and I'll make a die sound at some point if Nara wants me to

I'm on Ubuntu

I use Linux and in order to run Windows games, I use WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator). The game starts up just fine, there's just one issue, it hasn't loaded so far. If there is an explanation, I'd like to hear about it.