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Dice Ghosts

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I'm so happy to hear that you both had fun, and that it's encouraged someone to want to play more! Literally the best possible outcome I could ask for when someone plays this game!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm r like the bakery one too. Especially the sad ghost that misses cake.

Hey Nicolas,

We’re so happy that you fun with the game! It has made our day hearing your feedback.

Thank you for also pointing out that we need to clarify the actions required when landing on a pre-flipped card. The intention was that you get to decide wether you want to perform the action on a pre-flipped card but I think we’ll push an update to make things a little more explicit. 

We’ll update the PDF to state that, if you return to a card that you have previously activated, you can choose if you want to repeat it or not.

We'll also look to update the card actions that reveal other cards to allow you to see the values and then turn them back to being face down instead of leaving them facing up.

Thank you for playing!

Dale & Peter

This collection of playbooks and pillars was so much fun to play! 

Our group managed to create some very interesting characters and we had some really entertaining and memorable moments, both before and during our dartrace. 

It really delivered on what I hoped a racing playbook would be and I would definitely recommend adding it as a scenario to play in your G2E game!

Had a great time playing as a Partisan in my first G2E game! It played really well alongside a Defector and an Ace, and it added an interesting perspective on the central confrontation of the game.

If you've found a flow that works for you, that's great! I would imagine though that using a Discord server would be a little limiting and awkward when having to copy-paste every post bit by bit? I use the Google Docs app on my phone to do a similar sort of thing, which might be worth checking out if you want to try something different.

The adobe licensing model is actually what pushed me to move to the Affinity suite of programs, as they have really good alternatives to Adobe products that are pay once, keep forever. They have Affinity Photo which I think it a really good alternative to Photoshop and it has all the same sort of tools that I had come accustom to in Photoshop: You can also switch seamlessly between AF Publisher and AF Photo to edit the art assets embedded in your layout, which is really cool!

I've also used GIMP before too but I found the whole experience really jarring coming from a long time in Photoshop, as I had to relearn how to do all the basics and the new shortcuts for all of the things I was used to.

I tend to use Google Docs as a scratchpad for jotting down ideas and outlining the core of the game and then I do most of the work in Affinity Publisher, which makes working with the layout, art assets, and copy a much nicer experience. I would definitely recommend it (or InDesign if you want to stay with Adobe) and at the moment it's 50% off on their website:

It also allows you to import PDFs too, so you may be able to import your game fairly simply:

Had a really good time playing this game with a group recently. Between the players & the game itself, I think we had a really memorable adventure with some great cinematic moments. Highly recommend Orbital for people interested in a fun and collaborative storytelling game.

Thank you! A little of it was to do with wanting to create symmetry on both sides of the card but mostly it was to make better use of the available space. Having the two columns helped fit more content on the card, as it led to less wasteful line breaks.

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Digging the paperclip multi-tool mechanic and the location progress track.  Great work!