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This game is everything you want from a rogue like. I can’t recommend it enough. 

This was wonderful! I loved it:D

111th in the world. I can rest easy. 


Thanks for playing Doodle.

Snoring has been quietened! 

Hey, you can use WASD to move your view. A tutorial hostess has been added. 

Thanks for playing spenny.

Has been updated to reduce snorning and increase business. 

Worst music ever! I loved it!

I can't find the forum thread for this one, but it was ace. Love the art!

Best wiz.

Hey. I got "Failed to load mono. " seems to be missing mono.dll.

There was snow and i fell off the edge of the world! Well done!

Hey man. I'm running on windows and it just crashes on startup:( Looking amazing from the screenies and gifs though.

Woob, this game scared me. Is this what you think about when not hunting mons?

Can i have a free key plz? i'm a successful utub stremmer.

Thanks!:) It is a lot of fun making the art, less fun importing it^^

Haha, watching a few people play has led me to realise i'm not very good at tutorials! (also, handwriting).

thanks for playing:)

This game was rad. I won't say more for fear of spoilers. Lovely slow unlock of what was going on!

Bravo JKO. Your art is so hot.