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Super well done. This game did its best to punch me in the heart, and I think I would have cried from it, had you only caught me a few years earlier.

Intriguing. Bummer it's so short; I'm glad to hear you're continuing this!

I like the variety of tasks and puzzles here (and how forgiving it is - I had to redo things plenty of times). There's a lot in this, and it works well!

I'm too slow, agh! I think I got pretty far, though. Trying to rapid-fire work through multiple paths was neat.

I know absolutely nothing about these characters or Greek history, so on my first playthrough I dumb luck-ed my way into killing the same guy as Agamemnon, then preventing the war entirely. Yay? I'm definitely gonna keep at it, see how much more there is to do. (Related: this makes me want to read the Iliad.)

I adore the visual design and writing in this. There's clearly a lot of effort put into both, and they work well together.

Also, I think you should be less harsh with yourself. There's a lot in this. I'm pretty sure that the how-to for this game is longer than my submission's entire script. This is excellent work, and you did great.

I thought for a bit that if I kept checking everything, I might eventually find a way out. Foolish me. This was straightforward and fun!

I adore superhero stories, so this was cool! I like how your character's fears play into the power and affect the result.

This was very unique. Admittedly it went above my head, too, but I still find it interesting. Something to puzzle over, and ruminate about.

Neat quiz game. I like the trivia and variety in this.

This was a fun one! Early on, the bus driver called out me being nosy, cementing her status as my favorite character.

This game is 100% accurate: I'm a boring guy.

This is an interesting idea. I liked seeing the images of how "I" changed as I got older.

I like the concept for this! At the start, it seemed like every screen was going to have images, but then they didn't. Was that deliberate? I liked the images, so I would have liked to see more of them!

A solid start. I'd like to see it expanded on a bit.

I got nothing but debris - I must've upset the RNG gods D:

This was fun! Seconding others on it being less randomized, but it's still pretty neat as-is. I like the emojis and adventure-y-ness.

I like this a lot. In fact, I wish there were more of it to play! But this is still a lot done in the time period. Nice job!

Nice art! This was a quick, funny play.

I would not have known this was made in Twine, had I come into it blind. I think it would be helpful if the buttons for doors and such were also included in the rules, but otherwise it runs well. Well done!

Super cool. The work you put into manipulating the text (fades, movement, style, etc) work really well.

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Crap. I'll go fix that. I think I'll leave it as-is for now, since I don't know how putting out a new version will affect the submission and it seems unfair, but once voting's over I'll put up the fix.

I actually knew about the spelling! And then just... didn't spell it right, anyway! Another thing for next time.

Thank you so much for letting me know these things. (Especially about the fix!) It means a lot, and they help me improve.

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A fantastic gut punch. I especially like your use of audio in this.

I wish these comments had a spoiler thing so I could say/ask something more in-depth without giving something away.

Super cute! I love all the critters in this. They're adorable. The walking part also caught me off-guard. I was spooked.

I also really like the color scheme for this. I would expect it to clash, but instead it pops, and I love how it all fits together.

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Uh oh. I'll look into that. Edit: I think it was a setting on the game, and should now be fixed.

Thank you for playing!

This was neat! I figured out what it was doing as it was happening, but I still jumped at the end. I also like how you made something simple with only a few pieces into something so effective. Really cool! I'm gonna go check out your other stuff later!