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Diaper Juice

A member registered Jan 21, 2018

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eaugh why does Barry slide after he moves? It's killed me like 23 times -__-

Pretty bad IMO. The game won't even let me play. I like that you added a singleplayer option tho

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The game doesn't show crosshairs after you play your first game, so you have to restart the game.

Also, the game has no settings.

If you download "finalgame.rar," make sure that you:

1: open the parent folder that your game is stored in

2: find the folder titled "OfflineBattleground_Data"

3: open "OfflineBattleground_Data" (there will be a second folder called "OfflineBattleground_Data" within the folder called "OfflineBattleground_Data." I will refer to the nested (the folder within the folder) "OfflineBattleground_Data" as ""OfflineBattleground_Data"(2)")

4: cut the contents of "OfflineBattleground_Data"(2) and paste them into "OfflineBattleground_Data"

5: delete "OfflineBattleground_Data"(2)

If you do not follow these steps your game will not run.

Also, Installing "setup.exe" doesn't work because "UnityPlayer.dll" cannot be found. If you install "finalgame.rar," the game is in French.

Devs, please fix this issue. The french should never be represented in a videogame.

Hey, just found out you can put a node on the machinegun placements

is there anyway to aim down your sights?

your e

Game resized itself to be too small to read settings. Tried reinstalling but it didnt fix it. Not sure ill be able to play this

Hey, is there a way to adjust mouse sensitivity? Or to make the mouse pointer go away? I'm at 1200 DPI and the controls are wayy too twitchy. Also, the muzzleflash when you arent aiming down the sights is in the same spot as when you are looking down the sights, so it looks weird and disconnected.

I found a bug. If you smash your face into the area right next to the left of the front door (facing the door from inside the bulding) of the auto dealer financing area, you fall out of the map.

Shp, Is there any way you could add different reticle styles? The illuminated polygon is hard to aim with during night missions, especially with the DMR

Can this be controlled with mouse/keyboard? I started the game and mashed all of my keys and nothing happened. Can you post a list of controls please?

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I can't create a room


Just realized you can scroll, so i made a room