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Nice to hear that everything works now.

Have much fun and should you need help again, don't hesitate to ask me.

Have fun 😜

Oh, that's a easy one. You need to download the RPGVXAce Runtime.

Here's the Link: select "RPG MAKER VX ACE" then click download now.

then just extract the archive you just downloaded and execute the installer. 

If something isn't working, just reply, I like to help People (・ω・)

Well, does Chapter 3 Work now?

If not, just reply again and I try helping you out as much as I can ^,^

Did you try to redownload it? Sometimes  archives can get problems on downloads. Not common but it can happen

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So, I played untile the final End and now if I restart the game, I can't replay it, but i would really like to play it once more. Is there a way to play it again? If possible I would like to not have to reinstall it again.

Also, really nice work, that's one of the best Games I played so far.

So, just because I want guys to get on thinking a little, i did make a prediction about the End of the 2nd Chapter, so everyone who want to hear it, skip until this point in the Video for german People: 1:32:16

And this point for english People: 1:44:40

Waning it has Spoilers of the released Chapters in it.

Here's the Video:

If Lydia is reading that, your Games are great. I loved Aria's Story and really like Midnight Train so far, and i'm really excited to see how it goes on from here.
And thanks for the Update of Aria's Story as well, now I have a excuse to Play it again xD

(Of course I am excited if my Prediction is just a little true, though.)

Sorry if there is any bad grammar in here, I usually don't speak English.

Guess, i have to play the whole thing again, but because it's a great game, it don't really bothers me. 

Thanks for the Update :D