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Junkyard Fury 2 Base by dhoodproductions (

The killer cars are back, and they're everywhere! It's not just one junkyard this time. There's multiple locations that need to be shut down. You will have to prep for these areas, strategizing ways to neutralize the instances inside them. Only problem is that they're faster and smarter than before. Will you succeed?

Dhood Productions - YouTube

Hi BomanRellic, thanks, glad to hear it! Yeah, this version is a bit outdated, but still a good representation. I do have a demo on steam that is a bit more polished. Also the game is out now on Steam fully as well! And there are a few vehicles that utilize radio stations to get to you in later stages of the full game. Thank you for the support though! Glad you liked the game!

Hi Mr TbSite, I'd be happy to! If you can dm me on my Twitter @DhoodPro, I'll provide a key

Hi Golden Slendey, thanks for the support! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for your encouragement! I'll continue to work and develop the sequel, and I believe this game will be a major step from the first one. But I do plan revisiting this particular title as well to work on visuals and more mechanics, after i complete the sequel. Thanks again, this is very encouraging!

Thanks! Same to you!

Hi Niven, glad you liked the demo! I'll be working more on optimization, the game is still in the early stages, so there will be adjustments down the road. You make a good point about the tasks, it is difficult to figure out off the bat. I'll look into setting up a training video of some sort to provide assistance in that area. Thanks for your input!