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Nice atmosphere in the final render.

Really nice sculpt, great detail.

Powerful piece of work.

Great attention to detail.

Try again next year with a full 3D entry.

I like the way you tackled your project from the creation of the clothes using Marvelous designer and in particular your Z Brush skills. A few additional extras like a gun belt under the coat and the buttons and holes or even a collar would raise the design further.

A good attempt at a human figure push the uniqueness of your character to give him a real personality and think about how to use the clothing to try out different techniques.

As per my feedback this is an improved version of the original entry, I would have liked to see a new piece of work. 

A nice piece of work with a good use of colour and stylised approach. It is a big improvement on your first piece but you should include your Dev work to show the full dev process and document your development. Good to see your continuing to grow as an artist and are gaining skills. Well done.

Great piece of work, shows real promise well done.