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Sorry to hear that. It's a known issue with Bevy (the engine used) on the browser. It tends to be a bit better on chrome, and should not be an issue at all on native (windows/mac os/linux). If you had downloaded it and heard issues, let me know.

We used Blender. Check out the postmortem for a bit more info:

Nice! Cool aesthetic. I liked the movement / air control. It was fun playing something that's sort of the opposite of the auto clicker style tower defense.

Thank you! It was definitely a lot of work, maybe too much 😅 We were a two person team for this one.

Thank you! Having an indicator when you hit would have been nice, I thought of this earlier in the jam then totally forgot. On full screen does it still not capture the cursor after hitting tab a few times? Which browser/os?

No worries! Thanks :)

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Yep! We did the hotel game. Can you remove or cross out the spoiler about how to get past the first room?

Thanks! Nice 25900 | level 9 is a solid score!

Thanks! Yep, the lighting was baked in blender. The lighting for the larger architectural elements were baked to texture maps, and for the smaller props it was baked to vertex colors.

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Thanks! If you get to the title screen, you beat it. Sounds like you've got a way to go.

Thank you! I baked the light maps using blender cycles.

I noticed that too. After about 30-40s the issue seemed to go away, at least on my computer. I'll definitely need to investigate. In your case does the stuttering continue after an extended period?