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You’re welcome! Thanks for a fun game 

Thanks - I'm used to doing that and I'm familiar with the message and how to work around it, but this seems to be something different: it says the app is damaged and it's not possible to 'unlock' it from the security menu.

When I try and open it on OSX (10.15) I get an error: 

"The app has been modified or damaged"

Thanks for the tips akos

A couple of small bugs around easy mode:

1. If you have between 20 and 25 currency in easy mode, the game brings up the "DEFEAT" popup, even though you can afford a greenhouse, since it only costs 20

2. Once I have chosen easy once, the costs are still reduced in later levels, even though the dropdown says "normal" when selecting the level.

Also: any tips on getting to stage 2 on mountain? I've gotten that far a couple of times, but expanding just costs so much that it's really easy to get into a state where it's impossible to proceed.

I feel like if I make a couple of moves which aren't perfect then I get into a frustratingly impossible situation and have to start over, which I feel like isn't the intention of the developer: it feels a bit more like a puzzle game where there are a small number of correct solutions, but only being able to rewind one step means that restarting is the only option.

To expand on mountain costs like 475:
calcifier, wind turbine, excavator, pump, and then having at least 75 left to put down a new scrubber and greenhouse to scrape together some more money from the new location. It feels really hard to build up a pot that big. 

Maybe I'm just missing something fundamental?

Really nice game. Small bug: Can't seem to remove the last pylon. Beacons ignore it.