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Dalibor Bartoš

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Excellent game!
This might look like standard shit and fuck game at first, and it is, literally. But it contains comic elements that are well executed. Game design has  also solid foundation.

Ano, chyba to tam. No ako je to na jamoch zvykom tak sa nestihlo :)

Videl som komercne hry ktore su ovela menej polished, a tie hry istotne nerobili 2 dni na game jame.
To je nejaky template alebo ste robili od nuly ?
Skvela praca!

great idea

Trailer was added : 

(1 edit)

Some movies were omitted by mistake in the submitted version.

If you want to see all of them, you can play this fixed "definitive" edition of the game :)

* fps limiter was added
* support for Steam VR removed (lol)

The game was made on a Game Jam and the name was generated using random game name generator. We had to fit the gameplay to the name.

Pridavam trailer ;)

Nice creepy music, thumb up for the use of Godot engine

How chicken wanted to be a football player, a classic fairy tale story :)

* Local multiplayer
* Several play fields with various obstacles.
* Powerups (with positive and negative effect)
* Stacking powerups
* And more

Free Download :

Video from the game :