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Thank you so much!

Ty! May be a little like farcry...

Thanks a lot for playing and recording! I hope you have success on your yt channel. Yeah, 091 was a tricky concept and I'm sure it could be juiced with more 'nostalgic' effects.

I really appreciate this list. I'll be sure to file these bugs and design fixes. Thanks for playing. I hope to bring a lot of new surprises and changes in the future.

I did forget to tone down most of the textures when I when I last worked on that one. Once again, that's what happens when you rush to finish games. Glad ya liked the free fall thing. It was really challenging to line up all of the objects. Especially the house.

Wow! This was my favorite read today. Ty!

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Ty! Your comment is a pick me up.

Thank you so much for playing.

TY! That means a lot. Thanks for playing!

Strange. I'll look into it. I appreciate your feedback. TY4Playing!

I'll add these notes to my bug reports.

Yeah, I really should take a moment to polish up the control settings. I've even been told by someone that they won't play something that they can't map every input to their computer mouse. So, I should consider key mapping.

Thanks so much for playing and giving me feedback! It really means a lot.

Aww thank you so much!

Coincidence I guess.

Nope. Just creepy vibes from an anomalous tissue box.

It is a bit odd. I'll take it.

I haven't tested my own controller on this game yet but...maybe I can help here.

I've had problems developing the inputs as a dev and the name of the inputs can be tricky sometimes. If the name/string or int doesn't match the input name in the engine, the controller won't even respond to my input.

Hope this helps 😁

This review made me chuckle.

At least it's honest though. I often have  hang ups with setting up controller inputs.

Thanks Bro!

I sincerely enjoyed these stories. Thanks to all who shared so far!

What do you plan on doing with the game after the demo release?

Dude. Amazing experience!

I am having the same problem with figuring out what weapons I should add. I don't want to be too cliche and add the same guns as every other fps.

That's very odd. Sorry your copy isn't behaving right.

If I ever find out what that is I will let you know.

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That is very odd.

What is your computer's OS? I will look into this.

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Remember: Level Score is currently NOT accurate. It's a bit weird and doesn't mean anything accurate yet.

If you get an odd score like 105% or Items Found: 23/15 or

 if you receive a really bad score for an odd reason,

it's not because of you. It's just a really odd grade system until  further updates.
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Whoa! That looks awesome! Nice spookiness!

Thanks man!

Okay, first off, this ga(y)me was absolutely hilarious! From your raucous introduction, to the many endings it has to offer, it has the balls to hold up exactly what it says!

I.E. "

  • Paying $4 for something not worth $4
  • Regret for aforementioned activity
  • Regret in General"

I will say that I got this ga(y)me while it was on sale and I HAVE NO REGRETS! While being short and sweet, there's plenty of story packed in and has a charm of its own.


The first early access version is ready and playable!

Find the game here:

Catch Aliens and Scavenge Resources in the Endless Depths of an Enormous Cargo Spaceship

Live alien cargo ships transport the rarest of alien species to research facilities across the galaxy to find and create cures for some of mankind's most common of diseases.

Unfortunately, we've had a complete outbreak on cargo ship 009.

It's up to you to capture any of the precious loose cargo alive and salvage all DNA Vials throughout the vessel.

There are flashing lights and strobes in this game. Please be cautious if you have a history of seizures.

  1.  You have 1 life per floor.
  2. Once the elevator gates open, catch and collect as many aliens and DNA vials as possible without dying.
    Any items you acquire are added to your stock immediately.
  3. You may end the floor at any time during the match.
    Your grade score will be given and you will receive your credits for captured aliens.
  4. Whether you leave or die, the floor and every item on it that was never found  is lost forever.

*See if you can gain enough credits to unlock the personal office.

Really enjoyed playing this! I felt a little motion sick after a couple of minutes because of how fast the player is moving (felt like I was running the whole time). The puzzles are really fun to figure out and I loved the mechanics of this game. -Jyn_x

That's also a good game.

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I just released a game to help support the SCP community in a legal battle over the open source nature of the franchise.


Help contribute to support the open source community behind lore SCP  lore.

Check out the actual SCP Containment Break Wiki:

I do not claim any rights to the franchise.

To all the devs that made this happen...

👏👏👏👽👍🎮 That was awesome! Thanks everybody! 🙏