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this was a terrible jumpscare but merry christmas anyways

great game!

hey, which model you used for the house? nice game btw

nice game, but avoid the obvious AI usage in the advertisement, it took away all the credibility, you know?

boring as hell


boring, ngl, but liked the graphics

terrible, poor movement script, predictable chase, bad in general, 2/10

awesome game, loved the atmosphere

waste of time

It says that the access is denied, and also shows this

happy birthday brother

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Wow... this game is amazing, it's actually some kind of nightmare I would have when I was a kid, could have more details in modelling and mapping, but in general it's great, keeps the same essence from the shopping list, and it's also free


The second best terror game i've played, my congratulations to the dev, holy shit.

how the fuck do i join my friend?!

found a solution?

loved the game! <3

very cool! but the gui is a bit poor and when i touches the church i get stuck.

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10/10, excellent, that plot-twist in the final was something that i really wanted in a game.

ohh, thanks, got it.

hello, how do you made the hands animations? it looks SO  smooth and looks like im playing in a VR!!

do you think it is actually a virus or a false-positive?

the particles in the bedroom made the game a lot more immersive, and the game dont have unecessary jumpscares, loved it! <3

coffee simulator, loved it. <3

simple, fun and short, nice game!