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I'll let you know when I finish the mission :)

Nicely done. A tip would be to make the lilypads or pond plants a bit bigger so it is obvious that I am hiding 100% under it :) I got till 10 XD Probably could do more with some practice

Hi Abdullah! :) I also tried to play the game, but it does not go past 0% on the loading screen ;(. Let me know if it gets fixed!

Really cool game! Zombies would be a game changer tho

How did u do it? 🤔


Done! :)

I love a game with upgrades so that's good! Wish that it was zoomed out a bit more tho :) Great work regardless

Thanks game joy! :D Rated your cool game! :D

Really fantastic jumping when running animation :D I loved in level 2 the multiple mushroom jumps in a row!

Done! :D

Wow! This was a very well polished game. I love how you portrayed yourself XD


-Nice game! Indeed the teleporting was a bit confusing at first but got the hang of it later :) Would love to play it after the update

Haha I didn't have any issues! I only needed 2 days the second time I played it. First time I did without autoclicker 

Done! :)

No problem! Rated it :D

Really cool concept and a very smooth game! Great job overall

Nice for speedrunning!!! Havent played a speedrun game in a while so that was nice! Would be nice with checkpoints ;)

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Send me your game to rate! :) Plz only HTML games

Very cool to mess around with all the combinations. I got 17 combinations before I figured it was enough searching :D

here's mine! Going to rate urs now

Gorgeous game and a fun idea! :D

Really fun! Would have been nice if it was easier to navigate through the papers. Maybe keep them on the side? the painting artwork is insanely well done tho

Haha super well done! Really cool artwork. I wish the game wouldn't reset all the way to the start tho!

I really liked throwing the box around for an extra double jump! Really nicely added mechanic

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Man this was trippy AF XD Time to eh, bake some cookies.  AND I made the bedroom challenge like someone here!


I think it would have been nice with a little tutorial! Also, the controls seem a bit off. Pressing the left and right arrow didn't really do anything. After a while I figured out that its actually the edges of the screen which made it much easier

Pretty tough! Got up to wave 4. good job tho. Nice and simple game!

Interesting start but not sure what to do!

I won! :) Not sure how I could have died. Great graphics! Wish there was a bit more to the gameplay

Very well made!! I love a good puzzle game so the only thing I could have wished for were more levels haha. Great job! Very professional

I really enjoyed the concept. Had a hard time jumping over the long row of spikes tho! I wish that my shadows wouldn't disappear after a while. Evolve this game and it will be amazing

Lol I like the design of the level. And oh... The more you die the more you learn XD Loved it

Beautifully made. Sometimes dying a bit awkwardly because of bad jumping etc but I like the concept and think you can really make something nice out of it

Very gorgeous graphics. Would have been nice without the cooldown mechanism tho. Just stood there waiting at times. But overall very good and enjoyed it :)

Soooooooooooo my autoclicker came in handy XD Got to the island with palm trees and whatnot :) Awesome!

Very cool concept. Especially if you cannot kill innocents. A bit too bad the game freezes ;( Good job tho