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Hi! Thanks for the review! Sorry about the bomb radius, i may fix that in the future! :D

Thanks! Sorry for the performance issues, but it was really tight to optimize :c

Haha thanks! It was for the Trijam, i  had only 3 hours to make a game so making a soundtrack was a little bit impossible in 3 hours haha But yeah i definently think that the game miss a soundtrack !

Thanks! I'll take a look at your game !

Thanks very much! I also had fun playing your game! :D

Thanks for your awesome feedback!

Thanks you for you awesome feedback! Glad to see you enjoyed the game!

Thanks you for the feedback!

Thanks mate! And wave 4, it's already better than nothing :D

Thanks you very much!

You means... The wave spawner? :D

Thanks you for playing! I'll think about your suggestions! Awesome!

Thanks mate!

Thanks you!  And yeah... But, we're in the mind of someone, so i mean... Nothing is actually normal in this game? ^^

Thanks mate! I'll take a look at your game :D

Super cool game mate! Love the graphics!

Don't hesitate to check my game and give me some feedback ! :D It would be super cool !

Super cool game, love the split mechanic! Don't forget to check my game: Maybe you can give me some feedback, it would be awesome ! :D

What a cool game mate! Love the mechanic, very interesting !

Don't hesitate to check my game:

SUper game, very interesting and well detailed in terms of graphics, I loved playing it!

Do not hesitate to check my game:

Hello! The game is very interesting, I took a lot of fun to play and the console is a very good concept idea, very original!

Do not hesitate to check my game:

Hi friend! Great game, I loved the graphics! The game at the beginning seems easy but the more the time passes the more it becomes complicated and requires reflection, I love it!

Do not hesitate to check my game:

Hello! Great game, I loved playing there because it really changes others, the concept is new and in addition the graphics are very beautiful! If I have any advice to give you is to add a little more details to the game, such as particles, effects, post-processing, etc ... Good luck friend.

Don't hesitate to go see my game:

no problem ! Good luck for rating ! (but i think it shouldn't be a problem ;) )

Super cool game, maybe you should add an option to optimize performance cause it's a little bit laggy :D

Would anyone have an idea to propose to me, I do not like this theme. Thanks !

that's awesome, thx u so mucchh !!!