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Great game! :)

awesome mechanics!

Greatly done! executed flawlessly. Good job

Hi! used your tracks for a game I made. Thanks for sharing - they are awesome <3. Noted you down in the credits.

Hello, made a game and used your assets, which were awesome!!
Thank you for sharing <3

Awesome game

I found this game to be so pleasing. Great idea and great job incorporating the dance theme. I can see myself playing this game on mobile or on my spare time. <3

Absolutely brilliant! I'm trying to think of any cons but really the concept is there and the idea was executed very well... I would love to see this game fully developed into what it can become, due to the great idea, graphics and controls. Good job!!!! =]

The guy dancing is absolutely awesome, and the animation is super good. The recoil on the gun and the shaking adds to the challenge of trying to hit the already moving targets. I can see myself playing this on my phone very easily. Keep on jamming! =]

Great game. Considering it was made in one week, I can see the great work that was placed on this game. I personally think if the arrow keys have specific colors of their own to identify them, it would make the game even more awesome. Also maybe a way to control the audio volume. Other than that keep on jamming! =]

thank you

Love it! great game. I got a score of 3990. I like how the lady bugs go from 2 to 3. Awesome for your first game jam.

Hi! I used your character for a game jam.
I gave you credit and just thought I would let you know =]

Awesome work!

Howdy, great sounds! I entered a game jam and used your sound for jumping. Great work!

Absolutely AWESOME! Great job. Every detail on this game is very well done. From the smooth controls, animations and overall theme/vibe. I applaud you for this game! =]

thank you for the comments and playing! To reach the coins at the top you have to jump on the second level platforms (inca art) and jump off from there XD

the mechanics built into this is awesome. The idea that you can turn into mist but if you touch the walls you turn back to water drop is pretty genius! I like the game =]

Thank ya!! Something I tried to pay great attention to, I think the jump can be improved just a tad bit, but thank you for playing and the comments, appreciate it.

agree! ya your game is awesome and i quickly picked it up =]

Brilliant! I like this game alot! =].

Adding some animations will take this game to the next level visually. The design and gameplay is definitely there!

Thank you for the comments and for playing the game! For the jumps it's something I kept going back and forth about... so there might be room for re-design and think about the objective with more time. I decided to leave them in there and add two inca art style elevated levels where the player can jump off of and reach the higher coins. Definitely something to think about now that the jam is over and I can polish the game. 

Cool game! The animations on this game are awesome. Love how the trees look when they are on fire. XD

<3 I appreciate it!!

Thanks for playing!!

NOTE: I made this game in 1 week participating in Week #143 of the Weekly Jam.  Due to COVID19 I recently was laid off and decided to do my first game jam.

CONTROLS: [asdw] to move the character and jump. You have the ability to jump 3 times in the air. Once you land on the ground, you re-generate 3 jumps again.

Game Instructions: The goal is to survive the longest possible amount of time. You have a countdown of 30 seconds in the upper right hand corner. Collect coins to add time to the counter. The person who survives the longest wins! Beat the high score over and over again.

Wow! the amount of detail and design put into this in one week is pretty darn amazing, if you ask me. I like the opening scenes and how the player gets thrown into CryFighter's emotions. =]

I like it! I like how you have transitions when selecting to start the wave.

I love the sound effect when the player dies lol... Great stuff! the ability to resize the board, waves and camera during run time is very impressive to me. I have yet to do something similar to that. Awesome!

It took a second to figure it out, but I thought it was good. It's really good when someone can pick up your game and you don't have to explain how to play, and people can figure it out. 

Absolutely love the game. Would love to see more of this and I think it's awesome that you can develop such a good game in quality in 10 days! I hope to become that good one day!

I really like it! I was able to instantly know what I needed to do to succeed and I personally think that is important. Really cool game! =]

Amazing game design. Great job!!! A+