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hello, thank for reaching us, the game doesn't use mouse imputs, intead controls uses wasd and space, if this doesn't work please talk back to us to try and find a solution :)

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hi... we understand for now controls aren't as intuitive as we would like, in this build, you can move holding WASD, also to interact with the tables and kegs you can use the directionals buttons against them, we will be working to make the game easier to understand (from a usability viewpoint)

Also sorry for the error about the controls, the accept button is Space, we arrange it on the description

hehe ty :) we will continue the development for sure... :)

haha yes, but we have to tank specially to Cupbug for his helping hand at the last moments, also to our programerDarkSaint76 for working hard this last days, while the game is still in an alpha state our intentions are to complete the game and add some features to have a complete arcade experinece. thank for your coments, we also enjoyed your game, we hope we can see more development on it :)

hahaha yes lol

For now we don't have a MAC-OS build, but surelly we will realease one while we continue the game development, soon we will update you with more info about :)

Gladly I found a team who are helping me develop the game, still, we are aiming for a simple single screen arcade game. For now, it's called succubi tapper, in it, you play as a succubus waitress and the objective is to serve beers to several customers in the bar, hopefully, it will be fun and lewd XD.

really nice game, I hope you will work more on it :)

hehe ty... I have to consider continue with this project firs. Surelly if I do, I have to improve the code an redesing the figths to make them harder. Still learning how to do it properly. Let's see because I paused my main project to participate in the Jam.

Hello, Castle... sorry for the late response.

Hehe, I know the current build has a horrible UI, this is why the Issue probably, Anyway you can pass to the next page with button X or Xbox 360 B button. Hope this is your issue.

Hello, I'm cheking the problems you are talking about, Hope I can fix it and make an update soon for you :) ty for your feedback

Hello :)

looking at the submission page, some people had had issues with the game, please use this thread to explain and comment the problems, bugs and issues with the game.

It is currently built in Game Maker, and Uses Keyboard or Xbox 360 Gamepad for input.