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the art and music is fantastic. do what ever you want with the content just keep that art coming :). 

I think slowing down time scale after a bounce or have a high dampening on your velocity would help some. Love the music and the concept is pretty cool. The music and style reminded me of banjo kazooie for some reason. 

A video of a play thru would we appreciated - I think it's more important for VR titles :). 

I'll come back and try this. 

Well done, such a limited amount of time! Good concept and level design.

One thing that is kind of weird about the controls is if you move backwards from your last direction you kind of just explode backwards. Making some minor adjusting not so minor. 

Good use of the theme!

Took me a few minutes to understand why I was dying. Had to look up the reference mechanic to finally get it, but once I understood the goal I had a lot of fun. 

The art an effects and music are fantastic. And I agree with the other comments - with a better difficulty curve this has potential! 

This was hilarious! Character is really cute as well. I crave a objective but I think i'm missing the point. 

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The art is really cute! This kind of physics is hard to pull off and I think you did really well!

Cool concept! A few bugs in how I paint, but I like where this was heading!

Nice! Very peaceful and chill submission!
My team's attempt to reimagine Megaman Battle Network franchise for the Gameboy Advance in 3D.
My team's attempt to reimagine Megaman Battle Network franchise for the Gameboy Advance in 3D. 

** This build is not a proper representation of the team's 48hrs of development due to timezone differences and limited availability 4pm CST Friday.  **

We spent our 48 hours jamming between [Oct 12, 10am CST] and [Oct 14, 10am CST]

Please consider checking out our full submission -

Fun and simple, well done!

Nice score!

I agree it's a bit counterintuitive to purposefully get the question wrong but it adds another layer to the "dont, dont push the red button" challenge.

Definitely could use a tutorial to explain the graph and a difficulty curve overtime, sadly getting an endless graph was actually harder than I thought and I didn't end up with something that was flexible enough to take in a dynamic tickRate in my first pass. 

Thanks for the feedback, i'm putting up an android build but this will likely be the last update of this jam. Thanks for playing :). 

Thanks for the feedback - i'll patch that in shortly. 

Different how? 

Can you make a windows build? 

Would love to play but when I start i'm about 10ft above the ground and my steam vr playspace is calibrated correctly.