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Thank you so much! If it helps the basic loop is:

1. Intro stuff (collaboratively create the setting, decide on the mission/mission target, choose setting elements, create cosmonauts, create the ship)

2. Launch scene + choose the first cosmic object , provoke the omnipresent danger and expend a ship feature to overcome it.

3. The person in charge of the setting element associated with the first cosmic object gives first impressions and then players set scenes in turn order. Any player can be involved in a scene. Each prompt will have an associated setting element and the person in charge of it can influence the scene with their element to gain a token. At any point a token can be spent to activate its effect. When it feels appropriate, the player in charge of the current scene can provoke the omnipresent danger to acquire a key or resource. The cosmonauts will have to expend a number of traits to overcome the danger.

4. Whenever they feel like it the cosmonauts move to the next cosmic object by provoking the omnipresent danger and expending a ship feature to overcome it. Rinse and repeat at the next cosmic object.

5. When the cosmonauts have a number of keys equal to the mission target, they can choose to start the Mission Complete sequence.

(You are also free to ignore rules at your leisure and just go with vibes)

Hello Spacejammers! I'm looking to create an expansion to my GM-less narrative cosmonaut TTRPG, Pale Dot, with new cosmic locations to visit inspired by NASA images. The locations, called "Cosmic Objects", are generally vague but evocative descriptions with a list of similarly vague but evocative prompts to inspire roleplay scenes, all of which are up to the players to interpret the meaning of.

If anybody else is interested in potentially using my game as a base for their creations lemme know and I'll send you a copy!

Yo! I'm Devin and I'm a non-binary creative person from California looking for folks to team up with. I'm primarily a composer and TTRPG designer but also love telling and creating stories.

I've made music for various projects including video games, podcasts, streams, and even as companion pieces for roleplaying games. You can find my work at: I specialize in melodies and vibes and while I'm primarily a guitarist, I also do a lot of work with digital instruments.

I'm also a game designer: While all my games are TTRPGS I do have a sense for mechanics and narrative design that can apply to other game mediums.

Looking forward to jamming with y'all!

I finally made a digital fillable sheet!

What is a good platform to plan on?

Hello! I do music if you're looking for jammates!

If you end up wanting a music collaborator I'd be down.

I know you aren't necessarily looking for a group but if you end up having stability I'd be down to collaborate with music.

Howdy jammers, I’m Devin (he/they) and I’m a musician/composer looking for some jammates to preferably make a game of some sort! 

I’m primarily a guitarist but also fuck around with synths and bleeps and bloops. You can find examples of my work here and here. 

In addition to producing music I also write TTRPGs so I have some experience with design and mechanics. My game stuff can be found here.

Looking forward to meeting some new collaborators!

I’d love to somehow but don’t have that skill set! There aren’t too many bits in the game so I usually just use google docs for online play.