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Sorry to hear that. We will try our best to resolve the issue by adding MacOS downloadable version. 

Thanks for playing and making an video on our game! We appreciate it!

Thanks for playing! 

You did it! Thank you for playing!

We might add more upgrades in between to make it more interesting experience. Thank you for your feedback!

Pretty fun game! I love sound effects lol

Bro is a speedrunner

Seems like you quite enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! 

We are well aware of this bug, and we will fix it as fast as possible. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for your feedback, we will think about it!

Thank you for sacrificing your mouse to play this game! :)

Thank you! 

Thanks brother!

Game is simple clicker game with upgrade features, and you can buy friendly cursors to make progress automatic. 

Very cool game! I really like the graphics! 

We are team of 2 coders, 1 composer, and 1 artist. We are currently looking for another skilled pixel artist!

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Very impressive! Had a lot of fun with this game! 

Very fun game, i can tell you putted a lot of work in this game! Visuals are amazing!

Interesting idea, however i did find movement bit clunky and unresponsive.

Very interesting and creative idea, however, game missed retry button, and rock controls were unresponsive, other than that, great puzzle game!

Sorry to hear you encountered a bug, we tried really hard to fix most of the bugs, but seems like we missed one. Im glad to hear that you still enjoyed the game! Thanks!

I love you too

Great game! Camera movement is bit too sensitive, hard to aim my cleaning gun. Well done!

Really fun game! I wish there was bigger monster variety. Other than that, well done!

Lack of animation made it very confusing at first, other than that, fun game!

Very fun game! Had a lot of fun dashing around!

What a big scary fish, great game!

Really fun game! Cookie itself is too big for my liking, and map is little too small. Other than that, it could become full game with more polish and upgrade variety. Well done!

Nice graphics, snake had some visual bugs, but other than that, great game!

Well done, had a lot of fun with this!

Very fun game, art is very appealing!

Fun game!

Interesting idea, game was little too fast for me tho. 

Great platformer game! There was some bugs, like invisible walls, and for some reason even after getting hit, you still could go to the next level if you reached door. Other than that, great game!

Very nice graphics and sounds, puzzles are little hard, other than that, great game!

I love this game, music and graphics are very charming! 

Thank you very much!

Very simple and fun! Well done! 

Really funny sounds!